Twitter On a Roll This Week Revealing Lunatics on Hate Mode

Eyes In The Northwest

The below interaction was not the harshest, but it displays a modicum of the liberal haters that surface on Twitter.

My tweet-

Truckers To Shut Down America Like them on FB & support the next wave of peaceful vehicular protesters! #tcot

SUNYFL’s tweet

@bobbi85710 lol wait till these goober truckers find out the hard way America still has railroads (and cargo jets)

My summation tweet

@sunylf You had my attention until you went stark raving stupid & besmirched an entire group – road warriors. U are an ASShat & troll! #tcot

The offensive one is now blocked. He/She/It may not lose their job over their prejudice but others have (allanbrauer & DWGuth), and if patterns persist, the avalanche is on!

Appears that the next one is shandlerr who also self-reveals her Obamacare worship or religion! Way, way out there! Scary is the fact that they walk…

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