Obamacare Pal AARP Junk Mail Spending

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You betcha!

When AARP can’t appeal to you by name, it spends countless subscriber dollars on printing and postal delivery fees flooding America’s mailboxes. Just a question for AARP… if everyone is forced into your preferential and touted Obamacare, who needs you and for what?

What goes around, comes around!

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One response to “Obamacare Pal AARP Junk Mail Spending

  1. When Massachusetts Governor Patrick signed new legislation requiring that all healthcare providers, in order to be licensed, register with a state board with the power to rewrite provider contracts with insurance companies; mandate what fees providers could charge; and punish physicians with a $500,000 fine for ‘spending too much money on their patients’, it became clear where the Affordable Care Act will eventually lead. It was never about affordable and accessible healthcare. One only has to look at what has happened in Massachusetts (increased healthcare costs, limited access for patients, and the destruction of independent physicians dedicated to individualized patient care) to know that it was unsustainable. Why would this system be the template for Obamacare…unless the ultimate goal is a centralized quasi corporate healthcare system designed to transfer independence and power from doctors and patients to the government via regulations and compliance. Most Americans probably never realized that the much touted transfer of wealth was not going to be to those in the middle class, but instead would be taken from the middle class in taxes raised by Obamacare in order to enrich cronies like AARP, Big Pharma, hospitals and the medical insurance industry who advocated for passing the bill. Now that it has passed and we know what is in it, physicians must decide if they will honor their Hippocratic Oath and stop participating in a system which forces them through fear and coercion to act against the interests of their patients before they have no choice.

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