The Reason the USA Does NOT Have a Republican Socialist Party

Eyes In The Northwest

… because Socialism is a failure. Wherever it has been introduced it has failed as it is NOT a natural progression of evolution but an institution of jealous men.

Yet United States Democrats repeatedly endorse this fabricated ideology and repeat its refrains in tactics, words, and deeds to their own detriment.

These Dirty Dog Democrats are organized. They are the party of organizations who must partner in name with those who honor destructive directives. It is their lot in life. They must have


Along with various colluding members

Barack Obama and Democratic Socialists of America

Communists in Congress? Just count ’em

Democratic Socialists of America organization site

Democratic Socialists of America defined and exposed

Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America Right in the heart of our US Capital

The Obama Way: Socialists In Congress & Their Attacks On IRS Victims


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One response to “The Reason the USA Does NOT Have a Republican Socialist Party

  1. elections. Intellectualism, the tendency to constantly reexamine issues, or in the words of Edwards Shields, the “penetration beyond the screen of immediate concrete experience,” has also been named as an explanation why academia is strongly democratic and liberal.

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