The American People and the Population Worldwide Never Needed to Respect the Criminal Usurper

Eyes In The Northwest

The entire Democratic Party continues to act like a teenage party busted!

Obama is the worst offender!

Lying. Teenagers outgrow this in less than 6 years.

Fingers pointed at other even more guilty people. Teenagers learn in less than 6 seconds that nobody buys it.

‘Didn’t know’ is the answer to all questions. Never works because someone good, or threatened by the offender, will talk!

At least the teenagers know their risky behavior might incur a penalty phase. The dirty dog Democrats… not so much, just put on repeat and let the Lame Stream Media Presstitutes carry your duplicated and duplicitous message.

But it’s nearly over, Obamacare is a rat trapa lie that nobody is buying into and people are beginning to talk.

Isn’t it amazing that Welfare (for low-income) and Medicare (earned membership for a lifetime of work) are unpaid insurance…

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