The ‘Pansy Craze’ Returns After 3/4 of a Century

Brought to you by the Master Baiter, himself, President Pantywaist, The First Gay President, whose favorite ‘handler’… off and on… has been Reggie Love.

One interesting aspect of forced national recognition of unnatural pairings is that there will be no non-essential closet proffered unnatural offspring to prop careers. When the partners die off, there will be no NATURAL byproduct children of said couple. FACT, there is always an assist! It takes a minimum of 3! 2 who want the child and a 3rd for sperm or egg. Math & Science 101.

When it comes to legislation to appease the Usurper’s desires… acceptance is one thing, spiking the ball is another. He has enough tools, but now he’s into submitting weapons of international agitation. Jeer leaders! Get the picture? Proud still?

GLADD has glad-handed itself into future obscurity and proper ridicule. It pushed and it pushed for equal treatment, but has recently discovered that there is no special privilege permitted for committing bigotry against heterosexuals. GLADD owns it! Backlash was a guarantee.

So… Why is the term ‘homophobic’ tolerated when the term ‘Homo‘ is not? hmm? Who uses the word homophobic? hmm? When coined… those… self-identify. Defeats the purpose of name calling… don’t ya think?

It’s a new millennia with a pansy craze that is loud, crude, and rude. Think about it! Right now this movement appears more crazed to criminal!

Times change, mores change, and good times end! Life is cyclical. Will you remain out or will you be backing in?

Designated for future historical research.


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