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Jonathan Narcisse of Iowa and Pulling the Race Card Part II

As it is New Year’s Eve, it is time to toss out the old and bring in the new…

All except Jonathan Narcisse that is…

Jonathan Narcisse Spirals Out of Control Right Out of the Gate

Same old political scrubbing tricks, different election cycle!

Iowa vet your, and I use the term loosely in this case, ‘candidates’ for governor or any other office.


Sick of the Odor of Marijuana in Washington State

Hope to rejoin the south later this spring/early summer.

Eyes In The Northwest

Look out Colorado, your turn is just around the corner…

What gives these smokers/tokers/jokers in Washington State the right to infringe on my senses, with their erratic behavior, shady eye contact, and odoriferous clothes/breath/skin. Scary that they leave their homes, travel around by car, exuding ‘opium den’behaviors and smells.

The odor is rank in restaurants, department stores, parking lots, movie theaters, school events (on parents not kids), and anywhere these foolish tools gather. A trip to a convenience store just to buy gas, turns into a 1/2 hour ordeal as a totally toasted freak gathers ‘munchies’, looks for their money, then chats, then remembers to get their gas, looks for their money again, then remembers the pump number they pulled up to, then forgets their change, etc.

Just because a bunch of potheads in Seattle thought this would be a ‘free ticket to fun…

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Track Record That is Indisputible Even for the ‘Talking Points’ Obama Minions

Eyes In The Northwest

Such a deal? Not!


Just how do the Lame Main Stream Media sycophants explain the loss of value of the American dollar to the British poundconsistently, for 5 years, following the ‘election’ of the usurping White House resident, Obama?

There is a historical track record, and yes it is, all Obama’s fault!

Note: Screen capture for research history.

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