Sick of the Odor of Marijuana in Washington State

Hope to rejoin the south later this spring/early summer.

Eyes In The Northwest

Look out Colorado, your turn is just around the corner…

What gives these smokers/tokers/jokers in Washington State the right to infringe on my senses, with their erratic behavior, shady eye contact, and odoriferous clothes/breath/skin. Scary that they leave their homes, travel around by car, exuding ‘opium den’behaviors and smells.

The odor is rank in restaurants, department stores, parking lots, movie theaters, school events (on parents not kids), and anywhere these foolish tools gather. A trip to a convenience store just to buy gas, turns into a 1/2 hour ordeal as a totally toasted freak gathers ‘munchies’, looks for their money, then chats, then remembers to get their gas, looks for their money again, then remembers the pump number they pulled up to, then forgets their change, etc.

Just because a bunch of potheads in Seattle thought this would be a ‘free ticket to fun…

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2 responses to “Sick of the Odor of Marijuana in Washington State

  1. It is not just in the so called “legalized” states that this is becoming a problem. I just had something like this happen to me recently at the dollar store. There were 3 younger women behind me in line that smelled terribly of pot and tobacco smoke and booze and cheap perfume in a vain attempt to cover up the odors. I mentioned it to the wife when we finally got out the door and upwind of the skunks, I really don’t want to have to smell that either. Happens all the time here in Kansas because the cops look the other way now.

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