A Little Heaven on Earth as Kellogg’s Birthday Edition of Chocolate Vanilla Creme Poptarts Hit Store Shelves

A few years ago, I lamented on a now extinct blog, the loss of the Chocolate Vanilla Creme Poptart. Kellogg’s had decided to 86 this well-loved version in 2009. I even took a picture of my very last one, out of my very last box, on 8/1/2010 that I had stored in my freezer…

Last Vanilla Poptart
…when I was living in Arkansas. Well I vowed then and there, never to eat, give to my children, or my grandchildren another Poptart. Today that boycott has ceased as they have arrived back on store shelves under the special tagged ‘Birthday Edition’.
I commend Kellogg’s and hope this selection stays around for a long time to come. I will admit, store brand tarts have been adequate and a few are exceptional, but there is nothing out there like a Kellogg’s Chocolate Vanilla Creme Poptart!


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