Lawyers Are The Endangered Species During Obama’s Blight Upon America

Eyes In The Northwest

Just started letting the mind wander yesterday, and realized that with  fewer workers, with much less income to “…spread around…“(or as Obama considers it “wealth”), Americans have had less time and finances to incur injuries, have accidents and/or incidents at work or at play, to warrant legal counsel.

Without a solid insurance program, many are not being seen, so it is a safe bet malpractice suits are down. Also if there is no small business developments growing to medium, and then from medium to large that birth corporations, where is the need for corporate litigation? When was the last time an Immigration Attorney had solid work and a heavy caseload?

Pro Bono cases do not put food on the table or into the law firms’ coffers, though it appears that New York State’s Top Judge Permits Early Bar Exam in Exchange for Pro Bono Work, which appears…

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