Forgive Me If I Don’t Celebrate President’s Day for the 5th Year

Eyes In The Northwest

Since I don’t believe in this president, why would I celebrate ‘his day’…

During Obama’s entire period of usurpation…

Food prices are gone up
Gas prices have gone up
TSA Nazis grab and demean air travelers
Car dealerships have been destroyed (and it isn’t always clear if a car is a foreign or domestic model)
Cable TV is passé due to NSA, pricing, or lack of funds
More Americans are in a financial crisis
Benghazi has never been properly detailed
Americans have lost their doctors and their health plans
The Lame Stream Media is no longer considered news
School children are being stupefied with Common Core Curriculum and liberal lunatics
The IRS has been used as an attack dog
Food stamps are more prevalent than cash/checks/credit cards at grocery stores
Unions are unsavory thugs of the administration
The Stimulus failed
Elections have been fixed
etc, etc, etc


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