Senator Mark Pryor Follows in Daddy’s Tracks & Acts the Mad Attack Dog

UNREAL: Dem Sen. Mark Pryor Attacks GOP Rep. Tom Cotton’s Military Service, Says It Makes Him Feel “Entitled”…

So who does a predictably divorced, disgraceful, Democratic seat warmer, self-declared Christian, Mark Pryor think he is… to be talking down to a military man? What qualities have validated Mark Pryor to hold any political office? What improvements, examined under the combined elected years and offices held of  Pryors, have been bestowed upon Arkansas?

Remember How… Nepotized Senator Mark Pryor Plays Political Opossum? Since he is his father’s son! What about an overt co-op of potential voters in Free Land and Homes… Now Free Money in Arkansas via Senator Mark Pryor’s Assist! More aspects of his presence, not performance!

When is enough coddling of a past governor’s son enough?


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