Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 2

Eyes In The Northwest

A Random Slug & Thug Sampling

Due to Obama’s‘common core curriculum’ garbage the unskilled and stupefied graduates of public schools/universities (where every young brain isleft behind) who apprentice into service jobs are demandingjourneyman pay, crazed newly-elected political leaders are hankering for higher wages for their locals for popularity and 15 minutes of flame. Amazing, since Obama, required less, when he increased the minimum wage for 2 million contract workers. What would the increases do to Obamacare premiums, hmm?

The same out-of-control trolls who demand religious tolerance of MuslimsdenigrateChristians during the turbulent and dark days of Obama. Right after his first theft of office… I mean ‘election’ … it began with an under-reported twofer as gays/lesbians acting the unnatural asses bashedChristian church services. Then there are the Atheists who purportedly condone no religion but prop Islam or denigrateChristianity

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