Pejorative Minority Classes Ruling with Rackets Part 5

Eyes In The Northwest

When a few hundred people are elected to serve, but desire to reign instead, government anarchy is on display…

Illegal Aliens, Expired Green Card Holder, etc

If a country has immigration laws, and people in offices to process immigrants, and border patrol to prevent illegals from land entry to TSA/DHS who are to protect and defend our borders from criminals entering by air and sea… hold leadership, or lack thereof, accountable for ‘theft of taxpayer monies’. Dereliction of duties and poor performance evaluations attest to the fact that unqualified and unskilled personnel are in position from top to bottom in this area of government!

Could illegals roaming freely unchecked in the US bedangerous criminals, spread diseases (sudden Mumps outbreak in Ohio or Measles in New York) , or sponge/thieve, hiding 100 to a residence, by and for illicit activities? Well, who knows as…

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