Obamacare Gavage

Eyes In The Northwest

Gavage or forced-feeding is the custom of forcing an animal or person to ingest food against their will. Quite often when this process occurs it is in association with geese or ducks. This is to fatten the liver for the delicacy, Foie Gras, for elitist snobs. More recently a tortuous tradition called Leblouh, or the fattening of prepubescent girls to marry off to manpig slobs in Mauritania, has been documented.


Were the above processes inspiration to Obama, his DC minions & his MSM Presstitutes’ repetitious fables of quality government rendered health care insurance? Call it Obamacare Gavage because all conspired to force Obamacaredown the throats of the American people. It could also be called Obamacare Savage and Ravage for, like the geese and the girls, all have been abused or sold off in the end!

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