Pre-Civil War Lynch Farm in Arkansas is a Land Grab

It’s time to get RED in the RED State of Arkansas in particular…

Benton County, in the NW corner of the state, is under Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Park Need which aims to runs roughshod over Arkansans by words

…(d) Any entity granted a certificate pursuant to subsection (b) of this section shall have the right of eminent domain as provided by Arkansas law for the limited purpose of constructing the certificated major electric transmission facility to the extent that the facility is located within a national interest electric transmission corridor…

and deeds

This is the SWEPCO Plan and Route Areas, approved in 2011, by the Arkansas Public Service CommissionSWEPCO is now seeking to modify the original ‘transmission facilities’ routes,  including decreasing the full use of Shipe Road and further increasing the use of Route 33. What will be the newly adjusted cost of this major project change, what will be the cost to the local Flora and Fauna, and what about Arkansans?

Without agreement, SWEPCO is in the process of  a Land Grab in Arkansas. Becky Gillette details the plight of the Lynch family farm in SWEPCO land grab begins.

She nails the crux of the matter in the following passages

…the future of the 110-acre farm, now in a family trust owned by Zola Lynch and her six children, is in doubt. The family received a visit from an American Electric Power (AEP)/Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO) representative March 11 who presented paperwork for them to sign by the end of the month waiving their rights to notification and voluntarily giving SWEPCO a right-of-way easement for a high voltage transmission line through their land that would require metal towers 130 to 160 ft. tall to be built after clearing a 150-ft. right of way…

…SWEPCO has filed a petition for a limited re-hearing with the APSC requesting instead to use SWEPCO’s favored Route 33 that goes entirely through Arkansas on a route from Shipe Road in Benton County to near the Kings River north of Berryville…

Speak up now or forever will ye be fleeced!


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