Land Grab or How Wind Projects in Wyoming May Spell Disaster for the Bald Eagle

Does the following volume of Bald Eagles (our National Emblem), and as reported via the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, appear to be adequate to the state of Wyoming and therefore to The United States of America?

Population Status: population size is restricted but extirpation is not imminent; minimum number of breeding
pairs statewide is 139; although the recovering population has expanded, it is not expected to exceed 200 nesting
Limiting Factor: Habitat (and Human Activity): limiting factors are severe and continue to increase in severity;
species is highly sensitive to human disturbance during nesting; habitat loss and fragmentation are resulting from
energy and housing developments in riparian zones of major river corridors, which are significant and increasing;
increasing recreation pressure is occurring in nesting and foraging habitat. High mortality of large, old trees may
also reduce available nesting structures along some river corridors in the future.

Not alone in thought as Wyoming Energy News is keeping pace with the delayed/not cancelled projects at Chokecherry and Sierra Madre.

wyoming energy

Not even addressing the public vs private land deals or land grabs, what costs will be incurred with placement of wind turbines throughout, and what will be the damage to Elk, Mule Deer, and Pronghorn Sheep migration/routes, let alone the other large birds and their nest areas? Does the BLM believe that adequate signage will be observed by the flora and fauna?

Is it that there is GOLD in ‘them there hills’ or is it the streams? According to Wyoming Gold Panning Carbon County where the wind projects will occur finds that

…Other counties where gold has been found in considerable quantities are Albany, Carbon, Crook…

…Public lands are controlled by the BLM (Click Here) or the National Forest Service (Click here). If you plan on dredging, you must obtain a permit from the Wyoming Environmental Department. Contact the designated authority for more information including maps and regulations before you go out…


And vital information on costs aka more waste fraud and abuse by GOVERNMENT AGENCIES 

Screen capture 1

key 1

Screen capture 2

key 2

Let’s be fair on the cost… projected is/was $4-6 Billion… let’s work with $ 5 Billion and divide that by 1 million homes, it will at the least a minimum of 100 years to regain the costs of this project “BY THE NUMBERS” without repair and/or maintenance! And the numbers are provided by the Bureau of Land Management!


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