90 Days for a New VA Appointment in Washington State

How does your state compare?

Eyes In The Northwest

Every time the liberal Feds ‘progress’, they actually regress…

Take the recently uncovered VA Hospital Death Panel secret delay lists in Arizona, add in a bunch of returning to stateside servicemen and women…

May 6Grand Forks Guard unit welcomed home after year-long mission in Washington, D.C. ( Same battle fatigue, our weary troops )

April 2413th Marine Expeditionary Unit returns home after eight-month deployment

April 19National Guard members return home for Easter

April 14Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group Returns Home

(to name just a few that occur throughout each and every month, without even adding the daily retiring vets from Viet Nam, Granada, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, etc)

…then shake it all up with perpetual paranoia, incompetence, and NSA monitoring and what do you get?

Standstill and the worst and purposeful lack of care for our Veterans in history.

Reported to me today…

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