What About Mayflower Arkansas?

and other areas of Arkansas recently hammered by one long tornado riddled path of April 27?

But Arkansas gets nearly $100,000 for housing counseling all over the state but noticeably missing from the affected areas, hmm? I wonder who is profiteering? It’s not as if, housing and money, are a regular Democratic gaming tactic… or just wait a minute…. I remember…

Free Land and Homes… Now Free Money in Arkansas via Senator Mark Pryor’s Assist!

hmm… 2011 &  mismanagement continues today?

Remember in November, Arkansas, to reject the slacker Pryor – he has only been helping himself!


One response to “What About Mayflower Arkansas?

  1. Reblogged this on Eyes In The Northwest and commented:

    One of the worst examples of shady Liberals, other than Obama, as Pryor was one of the enablers of this continuing future fable…

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