Common Core at the $1 Store

Eyes In The Northwest

The value or lack thereof is so very transparent with this Common Core Curriculum that it has ended up in the clutter of $1 stores


005 - Copy

Note: Brainwashing declaration on back of booklet, because since time immemorial or PRE-Obama, the planet has been learning everything all wrong?

“…Expose children to new ways of problem solving…”


What’s wrong with the processing of this booklet?


The PTB want to corrupt, and early. Note that this is one of several that I could have picked up. They are geared to our Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grade as I noted previously within Retailing Common Core? Just #StopCommonCore Now!

Wow retailed at $ 19.99 back in October, Common Core is now relegated to the $1 store shelves. THIS speaks volumes! If your child’s education is based on the value of the courses, it’s a failure!

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