Alex for $500 the Answer is: What Do Guru Gangster and Ghetto Describe

Question: What are each of the 2 year cycles of the Obama evolution called?

Do you remember the first couple of years prefaced by the Obama disciples and sycophants incantations of “Yes We Can” in haunting refrain like Damien’s disciples in the Omen III: The Final Conflict during the mountain speech? They really thought that they were getting a government GURUnope that hope is long dead.

Then there were the two years plus of GANGSTER, with government thugs invading privacy of the individual with the NSA to patriotic groups with the IRS – denying patriots, tea partiers, 912ers and religious organizations the right to legally organize? Do you remember that an American journalist,  James Rosen’s family, was ‘wire-tapped‘?

We are currently hitting the apex of the Ghetto phase of government: where Slugs that just irritate the populace, invite the lowlifes of the world to enter OUR country illegally, allow diseases to infect the American people on American soil, and a group of scummy politicians who won’t clean up after themselves but pass the buck.

Guess 3Gs will become a 4G (isn’t this the unnatural progression of progressive liberal lunatics) in the final two years of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’S endurance because it would appear that Obama is trying to take the USA to the GRAVEYARD stage.


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