The Obamas Ethnic Rendering in the USA


The relationship between the Hispanic and Black populations to obesity in children, has never been addressed by the Obama administration, especially by Michelle Obama. Since the year 2000 there have been many studies, and so many more since 2008 by this administration; but it seems that many now only center on the obesity itself. If studied closely, we see that the increase in childhood obesity IS directly proportional to the influx of not only legal, but also illegal immigrants from south of our border. If the border is closed properly, and illegal immigrants deported AS THEY SHOULD BE, there most probably will be a DECREASE in childhood obesity!

Of the states with highest obesity rates, the increase of Hispanic population since 2000 is pretty amazing! Just some examples:

State Percent increase of Hispanics

Mississippi 117%
Arkansas 123%
South Carolina 154%
Tennessee 154%
Kentucky 132%


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