Don’t PUSH Drug Money Profits onto Charities For A Tax Deduction

Eyes In The Northwest

Goodness of one’s heart or greedy DRUG capitalist’s profits need a safety charity deduction?

November 25  Prosser Schools Won’t Accept Profits From Weed

December 9 Boys & Girls Club Turns Down Marijuana Auction Money

bwa ha ha

Up in smoke: WA pot firms say their profits are getting burned down by tax bills

Looks like Weed Dealers can be taxed out of business… hmm? Wasn’t Al Capone hauled off for tax evasion?

Surely… Weed Dealers just want to lend a hand… before handcuffs are placed.

Kudos to those who refuse to take the ‘High’ Way!

Tick, tick, tick… Charitable Donation Time closing soon for Tax Year 2014… bwa ha ha

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