There Is ONE Way Hillary Can Salvage and Shine

Will she halt the Obama charade?

Eyes In The Northwest

What if Hillary went all noble and declared Obama was never eligible to hold the position he seat warms currently? What if she executed the lines… “I, in my lower position as Secretary of State, and with regard to National Security for the USA, endeavored to keep all State Department secrets via my own servers. Barack Obama was never vetted by the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, or the MSM and has usurped the Presidency of The United States of America. He is THE DOMESTIC TERRORIST!”

Look… I can’t stand the Clintons, but 2016 would be hers as the “Mother of the Rebirth of this Nation”. Biden would have to go too but that would give Boehner a little over a year to start cleanup and restoration!

Not as far-fetched as some would believe. She has been backed into a corner and she needs to come out swinging. She may never grab that…

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