Not A DemocRAT & Yes Ted Cruz is Not Eligible!

This is not horse shoes, nor hand grenades… this is about an authentic candidate, or in this case NOT, for the office of the President of the USA.

Eyes In The Northwest

This does not take a Constitutional Lawyer to Determine

If every American was honest with their answer to this question…
As a Natural Born American I have never had to renounce another country’s citizenship, have you?

or this question…
At birth Cruz had 3 citizenships conferred…. what is Natural Born American about this?

Then the question of Ted Cruz and his ability, or lack thereof, to run for office is resolved. NO!

Today I have endeavored to reach out to Reince Priebus via Twitter to inquire, who and by what means, both Mr. Cruz & Mr. Rubio were vetted:

bobbi8571011:55am via Hootsuite

@Reince Are you the one who vetted @tedcruz and @marcorubio ? They don’t appear to be eligible for President. This isn’t horse shoes!

With Mr. Cruz’s birth in Canada…

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3 responses to “Not A DemocRAT & Yes Ted Cruz is Not Eligible!

  1. just saw a few of your comments .. sorta’
    in the brilliant zone .. good work. it seems not to matter
    any more. i’m waiting for ‘el chapos’ illegitimate son to
    run, por la presidente de los estados unidos !!

    • Thanks, the deceivers are claiming America as the continent – North America & not the country of The United States of America for their claim to Natural Born Americans. They lie. We are enduring under 1 ‘constitutional lawyer’ usurping the country, we don’t need round 2 with another! Rubio & Cruz are not eligible to run.

      • anchor baby was a great description.
        15 month & you can be president .. eh… U are so very cool . it is depressing to see who are the candidates, other than trump & webb, who stood up to the plate.
        webbs voting record is awful but
        his novels are glorious .. see ya’ ..

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