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Passing Tonight on the Overpaid Union Workers on Parade aka Oscars

Who wants to watch a bunch of union goons that are all ‘gussied up‘, often paid outlandish wages, wearing loaned designer clothes and jewelry, and lauded over like the ‘Second Coming‘? The majority of these people are Obama mouthpieces and paid to lie to the world with repetitious engineered liberal agenda scripts.

I am not addressing the Friends of Abe, who do more volunteer and good works than the average citizen, as they are an asset to America, yet constantly under attack by the previously mentioned liberal socialist Obama mouthpieces.

I have toenails to file!


Octopi Wall Street or How Hypocritical Minions End Up in “The Tank”

Just love how the octopus winds up in “The Tank” in the video below… like the misguided loonies who are at, near, around, across the state, across the nation pretending to ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ for a real cause? Ironic! Hello… where are your Tom Toms? Tip to the uneducated loonies… Wall Street is still in New York City and that is in the state of New York!

Uploaded by on Nov 11, 2008

It is so past time to point out the obvious paradox of protesting participants by raising some relevant questions and points:

If Union members join in, are they whining for another job or being paid to not do their job and be there?
If they drove to attend, are they hypocrites for owning a bank bailed out vehicle, and did they green it all the way?
If they flew there on a capitalist owned airlines are they hypocrites and what about those carbon footprints?
Have they bought food from a grocer (a capitalist) or a restaurant (a capitalist) or a sidewalk vendor (a capitalist) or a vending machine (a capitalist’s tool)?
When they need a little pocket cash, do they use a (capitalist) bank card at an ATM or request extra cash during a purchase at a (capitalist’s) store?
When they purchased their tents, cell-phones, and clothing did they go to a local thrift store to obtain recycled clothes or did they buy them from an online merchant or brick and mortar store which are (capitalist) owned retailers?
Did they make the shoes or belts or did they buy them from a (capitalist) store via processing through a cattle baron (capitalist) for the leather?
Did they know that the fabric in their clothing comes from a (wholesale capitalist) who requires bank lending to purchase in volume… and is designed by a (capitalist) designer who requires bank lending to establish that business and don’t forget the farmers (capitalists) that raised the cotton or the factories that process the man-made fibers that are (capitalists) businesses?
Did they buy shampoo, sanitary products, and lotions at a (capitalist) store?
Have they taken a taxi ride with a (capitalist) taxi owner?
Have they stayed in a hotel (a capitalist venture) or visited to use the ‘facilities’?
There’s more but one gets the idea.

The protesting mindless minions’ demands are silly and smack of pure WELFARE inspired laziness. They have become the Modern Day Dregs of Society in the United States of America. Their parents must be so proud, NOT!

A Little Tip:
A Capitalist is a taxi driver, a dog walker, a restaurateur, a doctor, a hotdog stand owner, an Avon lady, an ice cream vendor, a barber, a writer, a painter, a sculptor, a landscaper, a babysitter and more. There are more of these capitalists throughout the land, and they are not on board with the minions, but bored by the minions.

Weekend at Bernie’s or Weakend of Osama / Usama… Whatever?

This guy really gets around… he makes Bernie look like one of the living…

I mean his body pops up everywhere…

UBL’s body washes ashore near Goa India ( warning extremely graphic ) via Before It’s News.

Just remember, bones will still present freezer damage after a float.

Foray Into Political Bumper Stickers

My Turn~

How Leftists Make a Cow, Bull or A$$ Out of Themselves

What moron thought that a cow costume in a parade for the bull of solidarity would not make an a$$ out of the wearers?

Solidarity Cows

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Meade breaks up the solidarity of the cows at the the 3/12/11 Wisconsin protest march.

The raucous hits keep coming via the Lunatic Left,  Union Tools, Socialists, Liberals, Thugs, and Democrats that provide udder fodder. The childish ones still can’t grasp the adult world.

As I have stated elsewhere, logic dictates that:

Whether the Fleebaggers had been present or not in the Wisconsin Senate, the outcome for the budget repair bill would have been no different… so why the foolishness of the mollycoddled tools? Grow up, move on (a term many tools are well versed in) and get a life! Is there nothing more pressing in the world today where you could really do some good? Oh I forgot… it’s all about you tools!

Radical UK Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Fails to Materialize With His Masses

Hmm? You get your permit to hold a supposed huge event outside the White House and then you fold… what’s up with that… Mister Radical UK Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary?

Was it…

No interest, lack of real participants?
Sharia is not the law or the religion of this land, nor will it ever be in the USA, we have our own laws, that are respectful to all?
Afraid to assemble so many suspects in one place?
Did Michelle promise to bake healthy cookies and hand them out?
Afraid of barking and howling dogs?
Were all of Obama’s union buddies too busy, bussing around the USA, to fill in and extend the crowd?
That the only Muhammad Americans acknowledge has the last name of Ali?
Was is just a half-Bacon-ed idea?

Half Cooked Idea?

I’m thinking it’s one or more of the above!

Classic – Hopeless in Seattle

Seattle guy dancing in a bra on his balcony

markusbergthaler | January 06, 2011

What can I say… sometimes I miss Seattle… and sometimes I don’t!