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Obama, the Oil Industry, and the Helsinki Syndrome

At least a mad dog with Rabies is consistent in behavior…

Obama the Thug and Usurper in Chief finally reveals, for all to see, the forced Helsinki Syndrome tactics upon the American people today. “President Obama announces plans to expand domestic oil production” after punishing the wayward child, the Oil Industry, putting it on ignore and causing its tools to be taken away. I think the child has been abused long enough even though the Thug and Usurper in Chief continually attempts to embarrass said child via Alinsky tactics by wielding it as a symbolic weapon against the citizenry of the United States of America. This was purposely staged to create anger and animosity towards the domestic Oil Industry and to insure that foreign oil exporters were aware that they could elevate the cost of goods (oil) sold and/or that the BOGUS POTUS enabled and approved this cycle of price gouging. This is just one of the multitude of designed distractions of this deceptive administration.

Why is Capitalism for foreign oil producers and sellers good, while domestic Capitalism is not?

If and when the price of gas at the pumps returns to the pre-Obama mandated moratorium on oil drilling, do NOT feel that the Thug and Usurper in Chief has saved the world. This is not a game of forgive and forget. Remember this at the polls in November 2012, that the hostage maker of the USA decreased your family’s well-being and security for the majority of his nightmare administration. The United States of America must persevere and correct its course. No more… LIBERALS, PSYCHOTICS, SOCIALISTS, FREAKS, IMPERSONATORS, PROGRESSIVES, AMERICA-HATERS, TRAITORS, LEFTISTS, LUNATICS, MARXISTS, COMMUNISTS, TAX EVADERS, PERVERTS, ANTI-AMERICANS, USURPERS, MINIONS, CZARS, LEFTISTS, RADICALS, CROOKS, CZARINAS, THUGS, CRIMINALS, UNIONS, RAPPERS, ENABLERS, ALINSKY LOVERS, IDIOTS, LIARS, and BIGOTS should ever soil AMERICA’S WHITE HOUSE again!

How do we resolve this America? Vote for a REAL AMERICAN in 2012!


Patriots Time To Pay Attention! Protect Your A$$ets!

The DC Liberals Minions are on the move~
If you have silver and gold you will be okay… NO paper certificates.

If you have land you will always be self-sufficient.

Time to take a real hard look at what you have to rely on!

Hippy, Dippy and Skippy Pay Lip Service at WH Briefing While Japan Sizzles and WNFM Fizzles

The US has become a national headquarters for Loser Leadership as Hippy, Dippy, and Skippy pay lip service to the Yellow Journalists at a White House briefing today ~

As usual nothing to see or learn there…

Trying to Control a Fear Factor Message on Radiation

and Backpedaling for Obogus on Energy Plans?

Chu passed quickly right over references to Japan’s radiation calamity, relaying no current information, and did not bring WNFM’s 38th Annual Meeting in Seville and Attendee List to the attention of the journalists… hmm? I wonder why not? I mean we always seem to know about OPEC’s meetings,  so why are we not informed of the World Nuclear Fuel Market meetings?

The Shaking Quakes in Arkansas

The memorable earthquakes that I have experienced:

I was in Ohio, a good distance from the epicenter in Kentucky. However the ripple effect was felt quite intensely in Dayton. This was the first earthquake that I experienced in my adult years and all of the awareness of true danger.

Ah… the Whittier-Narrows… I was right in Long Beach, California. The devastation was wide spread and quite significant. Now the danger I felt was for my children and so five months later we left California for a more stable environment!

Who knew Arkansas would begin a consistent pattern of earthquakes that appears to be alternately growing in intensity? Of course, this is where I am, right in the thick of it. What was mind blowing, the other night, was the fact there were two potential natural catastrophes converging in Arkansas. Now Arkansans are going to have to make storm cellars that are earthquake proof too!

February 28 - March 1 2011 Arkansas Storms & Earthquakes

It is always good to understand the enemy Arkansas Earthquake Information as they show no signs of stopping.

Yesterday 3.3 Arkansas Map
Yesterday 3.3 Arkansas Map
2 days ago 4.7 Arkansas Map

This is could be the wake up call as FoxNews reports Earthquakes in Arkansas May Be Man-Made, Experts Warn.

Coal Digging Paused in US, But Full Blown Deaths Occurring in Columbia

Today another “Five killed in latest Colombia mine explosion” and it is the latest in a long string of Columbia mining accidents. Still, there is no relief for the American worker and/or “Global” needs as THE Bogus POS POTUS makes jobs in the coal industry disappear. This is the only promise that he ever made, that he has followed through on, even as it eliminates many American jobs.

Obama on building coal plants in the United States (Sounds great until you listen to the death rattle he placed upon coal mines)

CoalMatters08 | November 02, 2008

“It will bankrupt them”

Certainly makes his left leaning lunatic liberal sayingYes We Can” linger longer than the coal industry imagined.

Were you listening Alpha Natural Resources Inc as you proceeded to merge with Massey Energy Company?

Is bigger better? Is bigger safer? America, take a look, it doesn’t appear to be so for government, and all of its attempted unconstitutional control? You just know there’s more to this story…

Hmm? The World Coal Association

Socialism Begins for Kyrgyzstan’s New Government – New World Order Test Dummy?

Did you know that yesterdayPutin Blesses Kyrgyzstan’s New Government“. Did anyone see this coming?

And this bit of low ball pricing, on a hot commodity, is revealed in this same article:

…The move could result in a 25 percent reduction of gasoline prices at the pump, and trickle down support throughout the ailing Kyrgyz economy…

And the USA’s gasoline  is predicted to go up? hmm?

And they are portioning out food dollars to the tune of $ 6 million via the U.N.’s WFP Spends $6 Million in 2010, Supporting Kyrgyzstan Markets and Buying Food.

And the US Embassies supply presents of computers? hmm?

Interesting if you notice a progression of singular common events worldwide the result end game appears to be repeating itself. Citizens enslaved and a few elitists throwing scraps at them! Wake Up America! It’s knocking at the door, and the Bogus POTUS is ushering it in!

Is this what you are waiting for? It happened to Kyrgyzstan!

Oil Scam Sham: It’s All About the Dollars and Destruction!

If Azerbaijan to supply oil to US, in a round about cycle, and the deal is on the table and set… then why would we see $5 a Gallon Gas on Way, Ex-Big Oil Exec Says. This is not our only source for oil. We also import from Canada, Nigeria, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iraq, Angola, Algeria, Colombia, Russia, Ecuador, Brazil, Kuwait, Gabon, and the United Kingdom.

And guess what our job crashing Bogus POTUS did to improve his apologetic appearances upon the world. He knuckled down and put a moratorium upon oil extraction for the USA! He doesn’t appear to consult experts in oil, just money brokers.

CongressmanGT | December 09, 2010 | 1 likes, 1 dislikes

Thompson decries moratorium on oil and gas drilling on portions of the outer continental Shelf.

Now the International Business Times appears to have what the correct plan, should be, outlined via “Increasing U.S. oil production can jump-start the economy: AEI“.  But, don’t hold your breath waiting for the Bogus POS POTUS to get interested in job creation! His words have  just become a meaningless overused campaigning CON-ment to appeal to the masses with respect to any new or renewed jobs. Creation has never fit into his agenda  as he continues to strip this country into destruction! It’s does not take a rocket scientist to understand that operating companies that are making money for goods or services are paying employees to man them. A non-working company has no employees with pay! Any formerly employed person is resting on Unemployment, Food Stamps, and Free Medical Care and becomes a slug and/or a drain upon the finances of this nation and all working Americans. TA-DA! Simple economics that even a Bogus POTUS can comprehend.

Because the elites are squeezing every coin they can from everyone and everywhere that they can, we are well on our way… Third World Status here we come and we will be paying them to do it! Remember the elites win when they bet… on the markets and upon the backs of the Global Citizenry!