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Sick of Obama Propaganda Networks & Cable TV and/or Commercials?

Eyes In The Northwest

Whatever your preference is… and to save yourself time, money, and aggravation… invest in an Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku.

All units are moderately priced ($30-$100). Each will have many free streaming channels like FOX, YouTube, The Weather Channel, The History Channel, etc. Additional paid channels, that you may already watch like Netflix or Hulu, can be added to the units with your original signup information. Additional units can be added throughout the home as needed. There is NO monthly service charge on these units!

We watch what want, when we want, with few to no commercials depending on the channel. Our preferred unit is Roku. You need the most basic of cable/phone/satellite connections for internet/TV services to install the unit & Voila!

The Obama agenda and propaganda machine is squelched and there is an immediate savings to your monthly provider package when you cancel the excess services.

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Thrift Store vs Antique Store Shopping

Just a head’s up to Seattle area thrift stores… if you want to be a retailer… please get rid of the moniker ‘thrift‘. The pricing reflects otherwise, as well as the over abundance of ‘cheaply purchased new items from China‘, used as filler throughout a majority of these ‘thrift‘ stores. There are dollar stores with that same product and cheaper because it is sold for a dollar… hmm?

Antique stores in the Puget Sound provide the best deals of durable goods and quality merchandise at unbeatable prices encompassing all eras. Yesterday, I was looking for a Disney VHS recording of Cinderella which is currently in the vault and not to be re-released until next fall. However, I found just what I needed at an antique store in pristine condition for $ 3 for my granddaughter.

Thrift stores are turning either shiftless or shifty because during these economic times, these same stores believe that they can. Shame on them!

Save your money and shop around! Don’t let the sign on the store door fool you!

Working With Minimal Ingredients to Provide a Hearty Meal

As the recession, depression, or whatever continues, here’s a handy rescue site for minimal ingredients to work into a meal – SUPERCOOK!

Start Page

Add a few ingredients and see what you can whip up

Halo 3 Score at the Thrift Store

What a deal on a Halo 3 Plasma Rifle at a thrift store today as detailed in my little foray on Ustream. The boy is as happy as a Razorback in Arkansas.

Paid $4, Value $125

And this won’t be on Bonanza anytime soon, sorry.

Silver Fox Provides Survival Tips on Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report

Once again Silver Fox will be on Patriot Resistance beginning this Sunday and earlier today she made her second visit in the second hour to Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report.

Some excellent material provided by the nom de plume, Silver Fox, that is not all-inclusive of her knowledge or her books. Wherever you find her, tune in… you’ll be glad that you did!

Subject: notes and links

MRE's contain 13% daily required protein, 36% fat, 51% carbs one meal per
person at $8.33 each

one can condensed tomato soup
one pound of rice
one can of vegetables (I used green beans) plus one can of pears mixed with
one 8 ounce bag of crushed banana chips mixed into one small instant
vanilla pudding made with boxed 2% milk, served with 9 generic Ritz type
crackers with 2 teaspoons peanut butter provides 43% carbs, 75% fat, 8%
potassium, 22% iron, 20% Vitamin C, 20% Vitamin A, 25% Vitamin D, 30%
calcium and 20% protein at a cost of 78 cents per person (feeds 10)

Fire Starters
handy but will run out
Magnifying Glass good but not useful in the dark (jewelers loops allow you
inspect splinters, wounds etc. preferred to a regular magnifying glass which
must be Glass, plastic ones do not work, high prescription glasses work
occasionally but do not count on them to start fires with) Fire bow drills
can be made anywhere at anytime however they are harder to learn and take
time, energy and effort Flint and Steel kits, (piece of flint, piece of
steel, fire nests or charcloth) flint is found almost everywhere, steel can
be found or recycled from some other item, easier to learn than fire bows,
moderate practice required, once mastered faster than a match to get a fire
going Matches, strike anywhere are hard to find, water proofing is important
for other types of matches, double if possible the waterproofing refillable
matches use lighter fluid, liquid paraffin, kerosene and naphtha can be used
as temporary lighting and are compact and refillable, use standard 1/8th
inch 100% cotton candle wick

Multipurpose tool takes the place of a) knife b) pliers c) screwdrivers d)
tape measure Shovel of some type E-tools are more portable Multi-purpose
hatchet, solid construction made from one piece of steel, has a hatchet
head, hammer and nail puller Wire saw, compact, necessary for cutting larger
limbs and trunks without expending a lot of energy or hauling a camp axe

(website full of articles including singular plants with all their uses,
charcloth, stealth gardening etc)

foraging links (common and scientific names accepted)

emergency shelters using space blankets/naturally occurring items
(earthquake specific emergency housing schematics)
(modern solutions to disaster housing)

portable affordable cooking oil lamps
(alternative fuels include animal fat, domestic or wild)

Using oven for dehydrating ground meats
oven canned butter (not margarine real butter)
primitive cooking techniques

Primitive First Aid
(online materia medica)
making your own homeopathic remedies at home (easy to make provided you have
the primary remedy on hand such as chamomile, poison ivy etc)

Primitive Skills multiple topics

make your own dehydrator using a cardboard box
Advanced solar projects (oven, water, heat, dehydrators etc)

Additional information on alternative options for survival situations
including equipment, sanitation etc


desalination filters
recycling graywater
berkey sports bottle link

Tools and Equipment
Flint and Steel Kit

Wire Saw

E-tool (folding shovel)

Solar Shower (large non-portable)
portable (multiple types average lifespan 9 months of continuous use)

Flintknapping (many youtube videos on the subject I prefer printable
information lasts longer)

making a bow/arrow

making an atlatl

Background Profile for Silver Fox

Archive of Today’s Show

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Now Here’s Something For The First Lady to Be Proud Of!

The First Lady Introduces Let’s Move

letsmove | February 08, 2010 | 73 likes, 6 dislikes

First Lady Michelle Obama introduces a new nationwide campaign to combat childhood obesity, “Let’s Move.” Learn more at

AAP reports 119% increase in hospital visits and reveals:

“…Just this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced a major spike in the number of kids under 12 going to hospital for eating disorder problems…”

There is no group in these United States of America, that the Bogus FLOTUS and Bogus POTUS, will not harm or target. A tag team of “Crush, Kill, Destroy“! This week’s victims are the sweet children and dedicated workers of our country. What’s the agenda for next week, dropping the sidebars in nursing home beds?

What You Can Do When Unemployment Checks Stop Arriving

How to Prepare for a Job Interview : Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

expertvillage | February 27, 2008 | 14 likes, 0 dislikes

Learn why it’s important to know the company salary for a job interview with expert interviewing tips in this free online career related video clip.

Expert: Don Varney
Bio: Don Varney was one of the first 33 members of the U.S. Air Force to receive the Professional Performer Award, an award created in 1974 to honor excellence in the Air Force.
Filmmaker: Mark Sullivan

Get a job: at McDonald’s, Burger King, Walgreen’s, Driving Deliveries, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Movie Theaters, Carpet Cleaning, etc. Take less… finally, and gain respectability! You have embarrassed your parents, spouses, and/or children long enough sitting on your “I’m better than that” on the dole duff. There are people in this country, suffering worse fates than you have experienced, these last couple of years. But I bet you are sitting there hoping for your next bailout via a Congressional extension of benefits!

Where to Get Help When Your Unemployment Checks Run Out

Isn’t it amazing that the Bogus POTUS’s entire administration, has had these same people collecting unemployment extensions, the entire time he has usurped the office? Coincidence… I think not!