Another Clinton Rat’s Nest Discovered with Resilient Cities

Eyes In The Northwest

Thanks to D & J for keeping me on the path:


Look’s like it carries the Clinton ‘STEAL OF APPROVAL’ and will be my forever project for some time to come.

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The Subversive Left Resistance Cattle Call of 2013 and Current Recruiting of Chief Resilience Officers Worldwide

Eyes In The Northwest

What exactly is a Chief Resilience Officer or how the Lame ‘Brain’ Liberals are attempting to position ‘power-puppet-pulpit’ presenters to subvert the current and duly elected and vetted governments’ good works. Initially test driven and implemented under NYC Mayor de Blasio in our own USA, among other cities, in March 2014, did you know that Michael Berkowitz is the President of 100 Resilient Cities? Any questions on how he rolls? In Mr. Berkowitz own words:

President Obama: America’s Chief Resilience Officer? 07.27.16 | BY MICHAEL BERKOWITZ

Oh and they are hiring… What does a Chief Resilience Officer do? Details just for the Minneapolisposition.


I find this previous Chief Resilience Officer recruitment posting for the City of Oakland, from 2014, even more chilling:

…Conduct complex research; prepare and present reports including recommendations and conclusions to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, various boards and commissions…

It’s a Liberal…

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Tip Learned in Washington State Snows

Eyes In The Northwest


What a time saver and less damage to occur when scraping those frozen/snow-covered windshields. Everyone does this in every parking lot, side street, and driveway on the eastern side of the state. Never saw this done anywhere else that I have lived before and thought it was worth a shout out of appreciation. You can learn value even in a liberal state of denial!

And even though the snow piles grow, fun can be had on a moment’s notice…


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Big Retail Real Big Fail

Eyes In The Northwest

How nasty is your establishment when you purchase this product, and now is ‘blowing it out’ (pun intended) on clearance because it’s TRASH…


Who was the @$$ at your corporate who thought ‘smearing Republicans’ toilet paper was brilliant, profitable, and endearing to the populace? Lots of Liberals across the board will be looking for real work soon… jobs are already opening up across the nation. How refreshing!

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When It Is Just Too Darn Cold…

img_1095…Note that the Liberals don’t go on ‘Uproar’.

If Libs can’t organize and agitate, stay warm or get paid (even Soros won’t throw bad money after the bad)… the Liberal Main Stream Media Presstitutes step up the lying game!


Sometimes “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree”

Eyes In The Northwest


And sometimes…”…A Rotten Apple Spoils the Barrel…” with its weak genetics, poor seed, and wormy interior.

Or in the case above, they all wither on the same family vine!

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Pernicious Liberal Biased Media

It can’t be repeated enough.

Eyes In The Northwest


When search engines and the Oxford Dictionaries confirm by results and example the definition of pernicious… it is not a rumor or a conspiracy. The main stream media is so irrelevant after 8 years of protecting a usurper, that knocking down a genuine Natural Born American President-Elect, appeals to them. Why?

Everyone of those journalists did not have valid facts or sources when they supported the usurper, nor now when they make outrageous statements about Donald Trump. They realize they will be held accountable and are attempting to keep themselves ensconced on their pernicious liberal network newscasts in hopes of elevating respect. Just because they repeat and recycle does not make ‘their facts’ genuine. No one respects these yellow journalists. Retire! America is sick of you!

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