Report an Illegal Alien

Have you had enough with illegal aliens in this country? Employers and hiring managers, have you found an illegal alien after running a background check prior to a hire and had to deny the job, but had no place to turn to report this criminal? It doesn’t matter if they are Russian, Pakistani, Mexican, Egyptian or any other country of origin. It’s time to open up the doors and boot them out! They came here illegally, so that’s one law broken. When they secure and use a fake Social Security number that’s another law broken. When they take that Social Security number and other fraudulent paperwork to get a State Driver’s License or State Issued ID that’s another law broken. Let’s not forget that when they falsify information on a job application, that’s another law broken. I believe it’s time to report an illegal alien. Our United States of America needs a good house cleaning. Every illegal alien that secures any job takes one away from a legal immigrant or American Citizen.

Here is the toll free number to report suspicious activity 1-866-347-2423 (United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Call from wherever you are comfortable. Remember if you don’t use it, you’re losing it to a criminal.


7 responses to “Report an Illegal Alien

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  3. Hell yeah! Not American born? Holding a job from an American citizen? Get yo a…s…s off the payroll and gotta go.

  4. another fuckin blog that thinks its the damn news media. This country was built off illegals doing the work that the US CITIZENS DO NOT WANT TO DO! Look at the seasonal employees that work in the field. HOW MANY OF YOUR LAZY ASSES WANT TO GO OUT AND DO THAT?

    That’s what i thought!

    A blog is nothing but a damn website for some idiots to become reporters.

    • Sure, everyone who entered the ports thru Virginia, San Francisco, Ellis Island, and San Francisco were registered immigrants, go back to your history classes. Did your mother teach you to speak like that? Nice upbringing!

  5. Hey nonya,

    The work that US Citizens don’t want to do was being performed by LEGAL IMIGRANTS. We want Imigration reform, and border control.

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