Spammer Liberal Progressive Page Update

When I have gone well past playing games with Liberal Progressive Trolls on stories days back, I have a page just for you! Warning filthy disgusting language and remarks will be removed. Repetitive postings will be removed. In other words, abuse it and you lose it.
Knock Yourself Out and You Are Welcome!

I had to remove the spammings of the spammer liberal progressives but the information is well noted by Jefferson’s Rebels and Citizen WElls:

***Note to spammer liberal progressives and you know who you are….. nothing ever disappears forever….bwa, ha, ha!

Updated 3/15/2010 3 pm CST.

13 responses to “Spammer Liberal Progressive Page Update

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  2. Yep, these lib/Alinskyites are all over my blog on a daily basis, they are mind-screwers, you just fight em with the bible.

  3. Can somone tell themadjewess, who is not even jewish, to please stop tarnishing our image? She’s a shiksa non-jew who went Kabbalah like Madonna and is just trying to cash in on the value of the Jewish name.

    • I appreciate all religions and conversions for everyone’s freedom of choice. It offends me only when someone lies and hides their true religious allegiance, and an usurper who is forcing the Muslim law, faith, and respect on a religion which had no history in forming our republic upon “We the People”……. case in point – Barack Hussein Obama ~ The Liar in Chief.

      • Yes, he IS a LIAR IN CHIEF, a clown a$$ Moslem Manchurian.
        Yimach Shemo to him too, may he rot in hell for all eternity with this scum- Morgan.

    • Yimach Shemo Vizchero to Morgan, the left wing kike.
      I WISH I was a ‘shiksa’ then I would not have to say that a G-d hating scum like YOU is a blood brother.
      Erav Rav son of satan.

    • Also, Morgan, PROVE that you are a REAL Jew, renounce your vote for the MOSLEM Obama and RENOUNCE your left wing g-d, the adversary of the souls, satan.

      THEN, some good people ‘might’ believe you, but I doubt it.
      You need Teshuva- ASAP ……….Kid

  4. This is a very satanic person, he flat out told me that G-d TOOK my best friend ‘to punish me’
    THAT was definitely a VERY ROTTEN NON Jewish thing to say.
    sick demented left wing LUNATIC.

    I am Sorry Bobbi, I have a LOT of left wing “JINO” that follow me, harrass me, stalk me, you name it- they are the WORST.

    It is not “I” who makes the Jewish people look bad, it is the ‘tolerance’ crumbs like ACLU, SPLC, Left wing ungodly, even gay like Jews that hate Christians, hate America and should move to Israel, but even Israel is banning these evil erav ravs, like Noam Chomsky. B”H.

  5. Morgan
    Its a shame that only about 20% of Jews are conservative and patriotic and have to take the blame for what you pickle nosed Kikes do.

    You and your Bolshevik Jewish buddies undermine every nation you inhabit. When white Christian America comes for you, I only hope they will let me join them.
    David Ben Moshe

  6. (Bobbi- David Ben Moshe is my hubby)

    • For some reason her responses aren’t around, I don’t know where they are attached. It’s really strange.

      Don’t even worry about it, insanity on the left is just expanding as quickly as the oil spill in the gulf that their fearless leader, at this point, appears unable to acknowledge.

      • I am really sorry what the north has done to the south, BTW.

        After getting out of the Marxist indoctrinated schools, we learned ALL about the North Agression war.
        I am 100% FOR Dixie.
        God Bless you and God HELP America.
        Be safe.

    • That’s awesome. I bet that I have tweeted or retweeted his words several times.

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