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Will George Soros aka “Spooky Dude” Accept Glenn Beck’s Invitation?

Wonder what the odds are in Vegas regarding George Soros spending an entire hour on the Glenn Beck television show?

Glenn Beck Issues A Challenge To George Soros

TheDailyBeck | October 19, 2010

From the October 19th, 2010 ‘Glenn Beck Program’ on Fox News Channel

Glenn Beck Issues A Challenge To George Soros, offering to give Soros an entire hour on his program to go one on one with Glenn and explain his ‘plan for America’.

Glenn don’t get disappointed by the 12th of Never effect! I’m sure that’s the only event that “We the People” will see.

The Real Columbus Day – October 12th

Even though we suffer with an intolerable BOGUS POTUS with no history… we, REAL AMERICANS, celebrate a country with so much history including its discoverer

All About Christopher Columbus

yvettegr | October 13, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about Christopher Columbus and his explorations in the New World.

It’s our history, learn it, make it fun like Students Celebrate Columbus Day With ‘World’s Fastest Parade’ in where? Columbus Ohio!