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Congratulations to Capitalist Extraordinaire – Glenn Beck

Good for Glenn

Well good for Glenn Beck and a super acknowledgement from Forbes with a cover edition!

It’s not like Forbes picked Glenn Beck on a whim, with these accomplishments:
Latest Available “Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, April 6, 2010” via TV By The Numbers

5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Glenn Beck – 2,336,000 viewers (610,000) (1,092,000)
Situation Room—580,000 viewers (100,000) (191,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 514,000 viewers (88,000) (225,000)
Fast Money – 269,000 viewers (64,000) (138,000)
Showbiz Tonight —159,000 viewers (a scratch w/37,000) (64,000)

Glenn Beck Makes Bestseller History with New Book

#81 Glenn Beck – The 2009 Celebrity 100

1st Anniversary of the 912 Project Brought About by Mr. Glenn Beck

A Biography of Glenn Beck and he hasn’t always had it easy. He stumbled, he picked himself up, and persevered. What’s not to learn from the “Capitalist Extraordinaire”?


Arkansas Wouldn’t You Like to Hear It Straight From Our Democratic House Reps Before They Vote on Health Care?

Arkansas Wouldn’t You Like to Hear It Straight From Our House Reps Before They Vote on Health Care? They have 72 hours before they vote. I want to know how our representation in Congress listens to us and votes on our needs, whether they are retiring or not! Why won’t they come home and listen to us ask the questions, that are a necessity at this time in history, and give us answers? Why not tell us how you are voting, why, and where did your influence come from – the people of Arkansas (who gave you the opportunity to be in Congress) or the Executive Branch of Government? Cowards! Summer of 2009 Town Hall Hiding Out Part 2!

Now is the time for all Arkansans: to phone, email, fax and get an answer… don’t wait for someone else to do it. Tomorrow, or Sunday, might be too late! Those bribes, promises, arm twisting, Air Force One plane rides, threats, coercions, are taking US out of the US Constitution.

All states follow along. We need to know where the Representatives of the House stand – NOW. Do they support the U.S. Constitution or will they commit TREASON?

Just Where The Stimulus or TARP Funds Are Not Going … Your Library!

Not to your local Library Branch or School Library

LibraryJournal.com reports:

Federal Library Funding Frozen, as Expected, in President’s Budget

Geesh, why help unemployed Americans with research on job skills or in finding jobs? You know one of the first resource expenditures daily is the newspaper and magazines that may have to be cut. What about internet services for those who have no computers or computer access due to job loss and tightening of their belt? What about childrens’ programs?

Chief Officers of State Library Agencies or COSLA are not amused in this “State Librarians ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by President Obama’s Freeze on Library Funding” press release.

According to Stimulus Watch 2.0 using the keyword – LIBRARY the results of 2009 plans for just the 50 (without specifics) returned show little to no implementation. Where is the money and jobs just on this Library search for 2009 let alone 2010 and 2011? hmm?

Tea Party Member Is Now Celebrated as WND’s 2009 ‘Person of the Year’

April 15th - No Tea Party is Too Small

No Tea Party is too Small

It started out as a small simmer in villages, towns, and cities across the United States on April 15th, 2009.

It’s now officially cool to be a Tea Party Participant. Thanks to WND (WorldNetDaily), Tea Party Members hold a magnificent title for 2009. Look how large, at that time, a 5 month grass roots movement can grow on September 12th, 2009:

But we have just begun and 2010 will see exponential growth and determination of fact-finding. The tempest is brewing. When the Boston Tea Party occurred back in 1773, the citizens of the colonies were rebelling against the taxation imposed unfairly and squarely upon the people. King George the III was a British tyrant with an unsound mind imposing his money grab to fund a war.

History now repeats with the British conferred birth of the Usurper aka Bogus POTUS. He is a tyrant with an unsound administration imposing his money grab via taxation – upon Natural Born and Native Born American Citizens – to cause havoc from within these United States of America. King Geoge the III went mad. hmm?

Copenhagen Accord Becoming Copenhagen Discord 2009

Update to my article from earlier today: The Drama of Obama – Defeated and Dethroned in Copenhagen

It appears that all valid voting participants required, were not present during “Chicago-Style” deals, and that a comfirmed clear understanding with concensus – was thrown under the bus. hmm?

Bogus POTUS and his thugs might walk all over Congress and Judiciary but he went into the global sandbox to play, not actually to work. Nothing was accomplished, no matter how he shouts it or his buffoons pound it!

When you denigrate your Usurped country’s U.S. Constitution, what makes any other country respect a world document with rules that don’t exist or developed upon data that wasn’t real and that you profess to take seriously?

I even relayed this view earlier within my tweet after viewing the draft:

I see ya da ya da ya da, redistribution, money, central bank for money flow aka Conference of the Parties & blah blah blah..lol

Failures to the Left, Failures of the Left, Only Failures Left

The Liberal failures are steadily increasing. With a Bogus POTUS set as a figure head to wander aimlessly about the planet attempting to strong arm, with Chicago style politics, other Leaders, well… Liberals… you got what you paid for!

Michelle Malkin – Tea Party Speaker 12.12.09 at 12 PM Little Rock – Arkansas

I was totally floored last month when informed that the guest speaker at the December 12, 2009 Tea Party in Little Rock, Arkansas would be Michelle Malkin. She was my inspiration to sign on to the 912 Project Fan Site last year, after the initial Tea Party on April 15, 2009. I had her book “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies” in tow and she devoted an hour plus signing autographs on anything for everybody.

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Signing
Michelle was as gracious with her time as she is steadfast in her facts and research. She gave a rousing speech, a portion is below, and received numerous standing ovations.

Even during this holiday period, she has not wavered in her strength and devotion to the Conservative Base. Many in attendance were not just Arkansans, the couple behind me came up from Texas. Now that is some draw, and a drive.
Thanks Michelle Malkin for your informative writings!

***Also forwarded to The 912 Project Fan Site for use.