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The USGS National Wildlife Health Center Slack Chart

You Just Can't Make Up Dereliction Like This

What happened to the counts for the last two Quarterly Mortality Reports for last year at the USGS National Wildlife Health Center? I know there were events. Geesh, not even 2011 has been entered in the year format! What a bunch of slackers! One would tend to think that there would be a phenomenal amount of information coming in over the last few days that someone should be entering. It would more than likely assist in any investigations!

Who’s running this country? Oh, that’s right, a Bogus POS POTUS, right into the ground… just like the poor birds, fish, and more!


Seat Warmer Mark Pryor To Get a Shellacking Come 2012 Via “We The People” of Arkansas

—–Original Message—–
From: Senator Mark Pryor <donotreply@pryor.senate.gov>
To: bobbi85710 XXX
Sent: Fri, Dec 10, 2010 9:41 am
Subject: Responding to your message

December 10, 2010
Dear Mrs. XXX
Thank you for writing me regarding S. 3991, the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2010. I appreciate hearing from you.
The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act was introduced on November 30, 2010, by Senator Harry Reid. This legislation is intended to provide collective bargaining rights for public safety officers employed by states or their political subdivisions. In addition, this legislation does not require states to provide collective bargaining rights for employees in cities with a population of less than 5,000 people or with fewer than 25 full-time employees. On December 8, 2010, a procedural vote was held to allow the Senate to consider the legislation. While I supported breaking a filibuster and allowing the Senate to consider the bill, the motion to invoke cloture failed to receive the required sixty votes.
Again, thank you for contacting me. I value your input. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my office regarding this or any other matter of concern to you.


Mark Pryor
United States Senate

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Please Note, this is not a monitored email account. Due to the sheer volume of correspondence I receive, I ask that constituents please contact me via my website with any responses or additional concerns.

In other words…. yada yada yada… don’t care I’ll vote how I’m told by Harry not by the people of Arkansas…


Senate Vote #266 (Dec 8, 2010)
On Cloture on the Motion to Proceed (Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to S. 3991)

Number: Senate Vote #266 in 2010 [primary source: senate.gov]
Date: Dec 8, 2010 4:17PM
Result: Cloture on the Motion to Proceed Rejected
Related Bill: S. 3991: Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2010

Yea AR Lincoln, Blanche [D]
Yea AR Pryor, Mark [D]

By the way, just because it didn’t fly, does not negate your ignore of Arkansans. We’re keeping score so that Seat Warmer Mark Pryor To Get a Shellacking Come 2012 Via “We The People” of Arkansas at the voting booth.

Christine O’Donnell and Savvy Delaware

2010 Delaware Senate TV Ad – “Unafraid”

senateconservatives | September 20, 2010

I sure miss Delaware, but I know one thing is true… Delawareans can’t be tooled by the politicians.  They will consider what’s best via the issues to select the next Senator in November. From Five Points to Christiana, I know the people, they are diverse. Christine O’Donnell fits the bill, and Coons is another Liberal Progressive Marxist Shill.

US House Minority Leader John Boehner Signs Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment Petition


Ohio Liberty Council Contact


U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner Signs Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment Petition

West Chester, Ohio, September 19, 2010 – Congressman John Boehner, who represents Ohio’s 8th District, has joined thousands of other Ohio voters in signing a petition to allow Ohioans to vote on the proposed Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment.  Boehner, the Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, signed the petition while in his home district.

The Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment would free Ohioans from the individual mandates of Federal health care legislation.  The amendment would preserve the right of Ohioans to choose their own health care and health care insurance coverage, and make their own medical decisions.  As a Constitutional Amendment, it would specifically protect health care choice as a right of all Ohioans.

Twenty states have filed suit against the federal government to restore the rights set to be stripped from their citizens by provisions of the federal legislation, and several states have taken other measures to protect the rights of their citizens.  Since the governor and legislature of the State of Ohio refused to act to protect their constituents, the Ohio Liberty Council, a volunteer group of conservative citizens, proposed the Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment and has led the effort to place it on the ballot for a vote by all Ohio citizens.  Not only did Ohio fail to act, but the citizens’ group was forced to obtain a ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court to stop Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and the Ohio Ballot Board from blocking the petition effort by what many Ohioans consider an abuse of their powers.

“It’s a sad day when citizens must override their elected officials to protect their rights.  Neither our statehouse nor Attorney General would answer this federal challenge to personal liberty.  It now falls on the shoulders of concerned citizens to do the heavy lifting,” said Chris Littleton of the Ohio Liberty Council.  The State of Ohio requires 402,275 valid signatures of Ohio voters to force the issue onto the ballot, and collection of signatures is now well underway–all obtained by citizen volunteers.

Information about the Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment is available at www.theohioproject.com

About the Ohio Liberty Council


The Ohio Liberty Council is a nonpartisan coalition of like-minded grassroots organizations throughout Ohio.  The council strives to achieve these strategic objectives:

·   Foster accountability of elected officials and government

·   Grow awareness of the movement

·   Promote state sovereignty

·   Educate citizens

·   Affect elections

The council began in June 2009 as a way to connect liberty-minded Ohioans.  The group communicates on issues, but more importantly, seeks to create concerted action among the groups.  By working together, the council intends to achieve real results to protect and promote liberty in Ohio.  The most important issue facing Ohio is state sovereignty, which is the main focus of the group.

View Our Founding Documents

United States of America

Declaration of Independence | http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html

Constitution | http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html

State of Ohio

Constitution | http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/constitution.cfm

States Taking Back Their Rights! Go Buckeyes~

Did You Know That Our Truck Drivers and Trucking Are Under Attack?

The Obama Nanny State strikes again… this time upon our Road Warriors…

U.S. Department of Transportation has issued another squalling edict aka Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) upon Motor Carriers and Drivers:

JustTheFacts (a PDF file) is just one form of the daily “Who Moved My Cheese?” that our tireless Truckers contend with. More edicts are listed here with a monthly time line:  What’s New: CSA 2010 News and Information When is Enough Too Much?

The Trucker’s Creed If You Got It, A Truck Brought It!

LouisMartin33 | October 31, 2007

Slideshow of semitrucks set to Metallica.

Do you care, you should, and let me tell you why:

Let’s examine just 1 product… the Tomato.

First the tomato itself. How did the seeds get to the retail or feed store?
How did the farm equipment get to the farmer’s field?
Home garden? How did that car in your driveway originally get to the car lot that enabled you to go the store for seeds?
How did the tomato grown on the farm, that you purchased at the store, arrive there?

Now how did the canned tomato paste, spaghetti sauce, and frozen lasagna end up on store shelves?
Back to the seed and the tomato fields… then add~
The tomatoes are harvested and placed into WHAT and shipped to factories for processing.
How did the cans, labels, freezer bag packaging, cardboard boxes, and all of the other ingredients arrive at the factory?
When production is completed, how did the final product get to the distribution warehouses?
How did the distribution warehouses move the product to the individual retail stores?

Let us not forget how the gas arrived to the stations for the personal shopping experience for the retail customer of tomato produce and products nor how the long haulers got it there.

Could it be that our Truck Drivers, Truckers, and Long Haulers are one of our most precious Patriotic resources? They are ever watchful on our highways and byways. The first person that offers to help a stranded motorist or runaway is often found to be Trucker. Truckers are America’s Land Sailors, away from home and any real family living conditions for weeks to months at a time, navigating our Interstate System under ever changing Nanny State demands.  Now why would the U.S. Department of Transportation be attacking them?

Just remember Truckers you no longer need a Convoy for your cause, because Conservatives and Tea Parties are now alerted! We thank you for your service! We see it now!

Jon Voight ~ New Letter Slams Obama on Huckabee 8.21.2010

Jon Voight Slams Obama 8-21-10

DISPRONO | August 21, 2010

Jon Voight Calls Out Obama

Previous Letters via Jon Voight here:

Jon Voight Open Letter Read to the American Patriots – On Gov. Mike Huckabee Show on Fox Network

If You Can Prove It – Prosecute The Liberals When They Are Voted Out This November

How was your holiday season last year? What do you expect this holiday season?

Want to keep the Liberal RINOs and DINOs really busy this upcoming holiday season and beyond? Start your litigating paperwork now. There’s enough ammo via videos, pictures, documents, articles… as they are the worst of self-indulgent, self-important, self imposing people on the planet. Make them come to understand what a bail-out really is and how the U.S. Constitutional laws are applied to corrupt politicians! Make it personal, they did! There will be no:

They have an agenda until they are shown the Congressional doors. As it is now, they sit on their haunches ready to spring at their Bogus POTUS master’s edicts. Remember last year in November and December? Never forget how they sucked the fun out of the happiest time of the year for Patriots. Turnabout is fair play! After all, it’s our time to give them a present that keeps on giving… them grief!

2010 begins the end of  modern day tyranny!!!