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US Military Do You Know The Unemployed Will Be Collecting A Third Year of Benefits?

In your Bogus Commander in Chief’s very own words:

This is while you have been busting your rear end, risking your life, and been separated from your loved ones. 9.8% Unemployment exists back home in the USA and you are defending their right to have free money on the dole as he extends the benefits for another 13 months. That will be 3 years of Obama and 3 years that some have done nothing but wait for their checks to arrive. “We the People” at home are sick of it! The Republicans, Conservatives and Independents that were voted into office in November, and who will be seated in January, will begin to fix the damage done by this disastrous and destructive administration that decimated our economy.

Oops, I guess he forgot to mention all of this to you, our fighting men and women!

LTC Terry Lakin Has An Affidavit from Ret AF LT General Thomas McInerney

Sent: Tue, Aug 31, 2010 4:51 pm
Subject: Three-Star General Files Sworn Affidavit Supporting LTC Lakin’s Case. Hearing Date Set

American Patriot Foundation for Terry Lakin

American Patriot Foundation: Updates on LTC Terry Lakin’s Case

American Patriot Foundation, Inc.
1101 Thirtieth Street, N.W., Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20007


Hearing set for Sept 2 at 1100 at Fort Meade, Maryland
Washington, D.C., August 31, 2010. Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney has supplied an affidavit in support of Army Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin, who faces trial on October 13-15. The retired Air Force three-star is the highest ranking officer yet to lend public support to LTC Lakin. His affidavit acknowledges widespread concerns over the President’s Constitutional eligibility and demands the President release his birth records or the court authorize discovery.

McInerney’s sworn affidavit was filed in Court-Martial in support of Lakin’s motions for subpoenas for all of the president’s school records, and for a deposition of the custodian of Obama’s birth records in the possession of the State of Hawaii. The Judge has set a hearing in the Court Martial on these motions for this coming Thursday, September 2nd at 11:00 at Ft. Meade, Maryland. All court proceedings are open to the public. The courthouse is located within Ft. Meade at 4432 Llewellyn Avenue, which is on the corner of Llewellyn and Ernie Pyle Road. At the first intersection after the Reece Road gate, you should turn left on to Ernie Pyle Road. The courthouse is approximately 1 mile south of the intersection of Reece Road and Ernie Pyle Road.

LTC Lakin is a physician, and is in his 18th year of service in the Army. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He has been recognized for his outstanding service as a flight surgeon for year-long tours in Honduras, Bosnia and Afghanistan. He was also awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan and recognized in 2005 as one of the Army Medical Department’s outstanding flight surgeons. In March of this year, he announced in a video posted on YouTube that he would refuse to obey orders until receiving proof of the President’s eligibility. So far, more than 225,000 people have viewed that video.
McInerney’s affidavit can be viewed at http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com.

The following are extracts:

The President of the United States, as the Commander in Chief, is the source of all military authority. The Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen in order to be eligible to hold office. If he is ineligible under the Constitution to serve in that office that creates a break in the chain of command of such magnitude that its significance can scarcely be imagined.

As a practical example from my background I recall commanding forces that were equipped with nuclear weapons. In my command capacity I was responsible that personnel with access to these weapons had an unwavering and absolute confidence in the unified chain of command, because such confidence was absolutely essential– vital– in the event the use of those weapons was authorized. I cannot overstate how imperative it is to train such personnel to have confidence in the unified chain of command. Today, because of the widespread and legitimate concerns that the President is constitutionally ineligible to hold office, I fear what would happen should such a crisis occur today.

In refusing to obey orders because of his doubts as to their legality, LTC Lakin has acted exactly as proper training dictates. That training mandates that he determine in his own conscience that an order is legal before obeying it…Indeed, he has publicly stated that he “invites” his own court martial, and were I the Convening Authority, I would have acceded to his wishes in that regard. But thus stepping up the bar, LTC Lakin is demonstrating the courage of his convictions and his bravery. That said, it is equally essential that he be allowed access to the evidence that will prove whether he made the correct decision.

For the foregoing reasons, it is my opinion that LTC Lakin’s request for discovery relating to the President’s birth records in Hawaii is absolutely essential to determining not merely his guilt or innocence but to reassuring all military personnel once and for all for this President whether his service as Commander in Chief is Constitutionally proper. He is the one single person in the Chain of Command that the Constitution demands proof of natural born citizenship. This determination is fundamental to our Republic, where civilian control over the military is the rule. According to our Constitution, the Commander in Chief must now, in the face of serious– and widely held– concerns that he is ineligible, either voluntarily establish his eligibility by authorizing release of his birth records or this court must authorize their discovery. The invasion of his privacy in these records is utterly trivial compared to the issues at stake here. Our military MUST have confidence their Commander in Chief lawfully holds this office and absent which confidence grievous consequences may ensue.

Lakin is represented by military counsel, and by Paul Rolf Jensen, a civilian attorney from California who has been provided to him by the American Patriot Foundation, a non-profit group incorporated in 2003 to foster appreciation and respect for the U.S. Constitution, which has established a fund for Lakin’s legal defense. Further details are available on the Foundation’s website, http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com

NOW  Where is Brig. Gen. Colleen L. McGuire?

What Are Stimulus Dollars Supplied to Sanofi Used For… A Snow Job?

Well I have a partial answer to the question I raised in my blog last week via H1N1 More Questions Before the Next Flu Season:

…What Say You America? Was it All About the Money? Where has the Money come from? Where is the Money now?…

Sanofi-Aventis Home Page

August 30, 2010 Genzyme Confirms Receipt of Unsolicited Proposal
August 30, 2010 Genzyme breaks silence to rebuff Sanofi

So, do you see the circle of strife with the American Taxpayers’ dollars? Have you ever seen a Three Card Monte?

Stimulus, what stimulus,  it’s only stimulating one new job, a snow job upon the American Citizenry~


Casino Hill, Pirates of the Potomac, and the Commandeer of Thief are contemplating a second stimulus, and by the way, that’s called DOUBLE or NOTHING for a reason!

The New America Media Returns to its Roots, No More Lame Stream Media, Full Up to Here

How is real news getting out in to the real world in real world time?

Real citizens, reporting real facts, and real opinions with no pre-printed, pre-POTUS permitted spin documents. They carry cellphones that record events, digital cameras, blackberries, laptops, and more. People are talking, sharing, faxing, emailing, blogging and contacting a very few but elite group of respected news people and organizations who actually respect their journalistic profession, honor its history, and report the truth.

Now the Lame Stream Media would have you believe the snore stories they deliver, and they are stories… carefully crafted to create an illusion as the walls come crumbling down days later. Onward, they proceed to the next big fix without any hesitation, respect, or consideration of the American Peoples’ right to know the truth. Yet, we know the truth, and you Lame Stream Media stand naked!

How will the Lame Stream Media report on “Blagojevich trial bigger than Watergate, Nation at mercy of prosecutors, White house must be checked, Archibald Cox defied Nixon, Will Patrick Fitzgerald defy Obama?” Stay tuned and watch the spin doctors (Lame Stream Media and Lapdogs to Obama) report the “facts” of the case in Chicago, beginning tomorrow June the 3rd. Wheat and Chaff will be revealed.


Sarah Palin – Boston Rally and the Tea Party Express

Via caddyshark

Sarah Palin Speech Boston Tea Party Rally 1

Sarah Palin Speech Boston Tea Party Rally 2

Sarah Palin Speech Boston Tea Party Rally 3

Bird’s Eye View: Tea Party Rally On Common provided by WCVBtv.

Tea Party Express III Visits Little Rock Arkansas Today Bigger Better Bolder

How fortunate we are in Arkansas to have 2 visits by the Tea Party Express out of the 3 tours across the country. How dedicated these men and women are, and the sacrifices they make during this Passover/Easter Holiday Season, to energize and educate “We the People”. Today, the day before Easter, at the Little Rock Capitol Building, the full accompaniment were installed on 3 buses and some new patriot faces emerged. I just adored Lloyd Marcus’s New Tea Party Song Twenty Ten and Politik’s new patriotic rap piece.

Tea Party Express III Buses Arriving!

For Arkansas the Favorite Sign on the Capitol Field

Retire - Blanche Lincoln

Even a sturdy Arkansas crowd turned out on this holiday weekend to greet the Tea Party Express III troupe and Patriot leadership.

Patriotic Arkansans

My own favorite moment, meeting author Michael Holler and getting his book signed “The Constitution Made Easy“.

Michael Holler & Me

Michael's Inscribed Book to Me

Once a Liar, Always a Liar

Still can’t understand why Obama showed all gussied up………lol. We’re regular folks here!

Conservative Rally Extraordinaire “Showdown In Searchlight” Nevada Info


CONTACT: Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or Levi@FrontLineStrat.com



Hannah Jiles, the journalist who went undercover to expose questionable conduct by employees of numerous ACORN offices, has announced she will be speaking at the “Showdown in Searchlight” event that kicks off the Tea Party Express III: Just Vote Them Out tour (website: http://www.TeaPartyExpress.org).

Giles joins the following confirmed speakers at this major event:

  • 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin
  • 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, Wayne Allyn Root
  • “Joe The Plumber” – Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher
  • Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Roger Hedgecock
  • Saturday Night Live alumnus, Victoria Jackson
  • Conservative media icon, Andrea Shea King
  • Conservative Columnist & Commentator, Andrew Breitbart

The “Showdown in Searchlight” tea party rally takes place at “High Noon” on Saturday, March 27th in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s tiny hometown of Searchlight, NV (population: 700) in the southern Nevada desert.

Giles made the following comment about his participation in this huge effort:

“The revolution starts from within, and the tea partiers certainly know how to get the word out. It’s about time the American people ditched the sidelines and started showing Washington, DC what we’re made of.”

Giles is currently a columnist for Townhall.com and Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government and has appeared regularly as a guest on television news programs.

Mark Williams, Chairman of the Tea Party Express, expressed his gratitude for Giles efforts, and her support of the tea party movement.

“It’s easy to sit on your couch at home and lament the state of affairs in this country.  But for real change to occur, patriots are going to have to take action and make a stand.  Nobody personifies that better than Hannah Giles, and she is a source of inspiration to many in the tea party movement to keep fighting, because our country’s future is too important for us to fail.”

Tea Party Express III: Just Vote Them Out national tour kicks off March 27th in Searchlight, NV with 42 tea party rallies across the nation, ending in Washington, D.C. for the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Media organizations wishing to embed a reporter on the Tea Party Express national tour, or those seeking more information about the “Tea Party Express” or to schedule an interview with a representative, should contact Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or via email at: Levi@FrontLineStrat.com