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Cincinnati 9/12 Project Welcomes Constitution Expert Dr. Earl Taylor – Cincy, OH

Cincinnati 9/12 Project
Karen Best, President
Direct:  (513) 720-1319
Cincinnati 9/12 Project Welcomes Constitution Expert Dr. Earl Taylor for “Making of America” Seminar
The forces of freedom can win, even against overwhelming odds.
Cincinnati, OH, January 24, 2011.  The Cincinnati 9/12 Project welcomes Constitution expert Dr. Earl Taylor, president of the National Center for Constitutional Studies, who will present his acclaimed “Making of America” seminar, January 29 at the Loveland Presbyterian Church in Loveland, Ohio.  Basing the seminar on Dr. Cleon Skousen’s books, The 5000 Year Leap and The Making of America, Dr. Taylor will present our Founders’ success formula for America, which would solve nearly every problem we have in America today.
In December 1776 Thomas Paine wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”  He was referring to the discouraging circumstances facing General George Washington’s army during the American Revolutionary War.  There was the disastrous defeat at New York, the retreat from New Jersey, and the fall of Fort Washington and Fort Lee.  “It looked rather hopeless to many people that real freedom would ever be possible,” said Dr. Taylor.
Is America facing similar challenges today?  If so, what can be done about it?
Millions heard the Founders’ wisdom—many for the first time—as the U.S. Constitution was read aloud in the House of Representatives on January 6, 2011.  Thus our elected officials acknowledged the Constitution as something other than a set of archaic rules.
Using uncomplicated illustrations, Dr. Taylor will effectively demonstrate the real meaning of our Constitution and what our Founders had in mind.  He will describe the only correct and proven principles for freedom, prosperity, and peace.  And you will be amazed!
Find out why Dr. Taylor believes that if we had been following the Constitution all along, we wouldn’t need any amendment beyond the twelfth.  Find out why he believes there is a silver lining to all that is happening.
More and more people are waking up to the stark reality that we’re losing our freedom and liberty; but we must first understand the Constitution in order to live by it and protect it.  Even the English colonists in America understood the importance of preparing themselves for a most unique and important role in the unfolding of modern world history.  They considered a broad program of general education to be an indispensable ingredient in this preparation.  So prepare yourself with Dr. Taylor’s amazing seminar.
If you sense that something is terribly amiss in America and seek better answers, now’s your chance to join with others for a full day of the spirit of America as the story of the Founders’ message unfolds.
Event Logistics
Saturday, January 29, 2011
Doors open:  7:45 a.m.
Seminar:  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Morning session:  Developing America’s Great Success Formula
Noon to 12:45 p.m.:  Lunch break
Afternoon session:  The Perfect Plan of Liberty
Loveland Presbyterian Church
360 Robin Avenue
Loveland, OH 45140
Registration Required by January 28, 2011
Cost:  $25 per person (seating is limited)
Cost includes seminar, Making of America study guide, pastries, coffee, tea, lemonade, lunch, and afternoon snacks.  Other study materials will be available for purchase.
Pay through the Cincinnati 9/12 Project:  http://www.cincinnati912project.com/
For more information,  contact Laura Hoyer at Laura@Cincinnati912Project.com
To donate to the Cincinnati 9/12 Project seminar fund or to contribute as a sponsor, go to http://www.cincinnati912project.com/ and click on the Donate button.  You may also contact Laura Hoyer at Laura@Cincinnati912Project.com
About the Cincinnati 9/12 Project
The Cincinnati 9/12 Project is a grassroots, nonpartisan organization focused on preserving the principles and values of our Founding Fathers, as captured in our nation’s Constitution.  The organization was founded in February 2009 as part of a national initiative to unite all Americans─regardless of political orientation─in pursuing events and actions that drive our politicians to follow Constitutional principles and values.
The group’s mission is to take back our country by shifting power from Washington politicians to The People.  The intent is to regain the balance of power among local municipalities, states, and the federal government as originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers and as originally captured in the Constitution.
About the National Center for Constitutional Studies
Dr. W. Cleon Skousen organized NCCS many years ago for one purpose:  to educate Americans on the exciting message of our Founding Fathers.  America has big challenges.  Most of these challenges have already been faced by generations past and in almost every case, answers to these problems have been discovered and taught in times past.  America’s Founding Fathers searched for 180 years to find the right formula for freedom, prosperity, and peace—and they found it!  We call it America’s Freedom Formula.  Our Founding Fathers had answers to almost every problem that exists in America today.  This is the mission of NCCS:  to reacquaint Americans with the Founders’ message.  It’s a positive message that will make you feel good about the future of America and gives hope to people, young and old alike, that something really can be done to strengthen our country.
View Our Founding Documents
United States of America
Constitution                                 http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html
Bill of Rights                                http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/bill_of_rights_transcript.html
State of Ohio
Constitution                                 http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/constitution.cfm

Crow Wing County Voter Fraud Allegations Involving Functionally Disabled Adults

KTLK.FM today with Host Chris Baker uncovers by witness Monty Jensen that Crow Wing County in Minnesota may be experiencing voter fraud. How low will Democrats go? Can this be an exclusive event? Doubtful! Listen to the podcast, omg!

Chris Baker 11-1-10 7am

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 08:18:58 -0400
Monty Jensen from Crow Wing County claims to have viewed voter fraud recently. More talk of voter fraud. Paul Allen, voice of the Vikings came on to break down the lose. Tom Emmer checked in as well
To download the podcast, right-click “Download” and select “Save Target As” from the menu.
iPhone users: Press and hold the Download link until the iPhone asks if you want to open, open in a new page, or copy. Choose “Open in New Page” to listen.

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud investigation Pt1

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Montgomery Jensen talks about possible Absentee Voter fraud committed by Afscme union workers; Department of Human Services – Minnesota State employees – working with mental handicapped (vulnerable adults) possible involvement in voter fraud! Happening NOW. Saturday 1:30 pm …. more to come

Crow Wing Absentee Fraud? Part 2

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Interview with Montgomery Jensen and Deb Erickson about incident and the Crow Wing County Minnesota Courthouse… down stairs… Sorry I didn’t know I couldn’t film there! Now I do.

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud Investigation pt3

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

More on the technical details from Deb Erickson

Crow Wing County Absentee Fraud Investigation Pt4

MinnesotaFreedom | October 30, 2010

Interview with “Kathy” long time employee with the Department of Human Services in Minnesota, also an Afscme union member. Her reaction on this events. She also was able to give us great leads in pursuing this case.

A quick call this morning to the Crow County Auditor – Deborah A. Erickson revealed, via the gal who answered the phone at (218) 824-1045, volumes. I was told “…she’s at the counter…” and that she would put me “…through to her voice mail…” whereas I said I would hold, she then stated “…she’s unavailable…” but she would again put me “…through to her voice mail…” aka no comment. I asked the gal who answered the phone, what her name was, she would not reveal her name and rudely hung up on me, hmm?

Then not 15 minutes later, Miss Erickson herself, returned a call to me, bless that Caller ID program. She was nothing, if not precise, on detailing events of the previous Friday, to the best of her knowledge…. “...8 to 12 voters…” with “…4 to 5 assistants…” from a “…local residential facility…” and how the registration/voting process works. She could not validate if the “assistants” were U.S. Citizens or not! hmm?

Per Miss Erickson County Attorney Don F. Ryan will be investigating.

***Hat Tip to The 912 Project Fan Site and fellow Patriot Proud American*** and Alerted by Minnesotan Andrea.

Don’t Look to the Polls, Look at Attendence to Gauge the Truth in Politics

The polls don’t appear to follow the desires of “We the People”. How can any polls be leading for any Radical Democrat, when Democratic “Leaders” can’t even fill their speaking arenas?

Blanche Lincoln Follows Behind Boozman’s Visits – Almost Fills a 30 Person Capacity Room

Clinton: Bernero is best choice to lead Michigan and most telling details~

“…While the crowd hoisted signs that stated “Virg Surge,” the turnout at the rally was anemic. More than 500 people came to the rally, but the gym at Renaissance High School was only about one-third full, even though Clinton used to command full houses wherever he went, especially in Detroit…”

More Whine Time – Obama Style in Cleveland with a Pathetic 3K Attendance

Even the Democrats are bashing other Democrats…

Democratic Rep. Taylor says he voted McCain for president, not Obama

RI Dem: Obama can ‘shove it’ for not endorsing me

Why do good Patriots travel hundreds to thousands of miles for events? Last night when the Tea Party Express IV rolled into Bryant Arkansas, the family next to me had driven over from Memphis Tennessee! There are larger events over the last two years where even greater travels were made:

Glenn Beck’s Rally to ‘Restore Honor’ Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History

TEA Party Still Going Strong and Growing Crowds in Searchlight Nevada

912 Tea Party March on Washington DC, on 9/12 2009

There is so much disinformation going on in our country right now, but Patriots are able to separate the wheat from the chaff. “We the People” know that there is nothing more true than the “Red, White, and Blue”. Radicals, you lose… Patriots have had over a 200 year head start that has proven to be tried and true. The United States of America IS and Forever Will Be the “…Land of the Free… and the Home… of the… Brave!”

Freedom to Ignore September 14th School Children Indoctrination Speech UPDATE 9/12

Updated from my post last year on The 912 Project Fan Site:

Freedom to Ignore Obama’s September 8th 14th School Children Indoctrination Speech

I understand there is to be a another “universal” or “national” roll-out via a “Presidential-Speak” through all K-12 schools on September the 8th 14th:

President Obama to Address Students
Schools to show Obama’s speech

Check this twist out:


Update 9/12 Now They Are, Not Enough Notice for Working Parents to Make Plans!!!

    When you interfere with me or mine, and impose your will or views that I totally oppose, then I can place you on ignore. I do not respect “that one” who has usurped the office of the Presidency and I do not intend to position my children in harm’s way. I consider the man and his performance. I view him no better than a destroyer of life, liberty, and happiness. I will not put my child in a forced event that will add nothing to the building of their character or enhance their academics.
    He needs an audience on a regular basis to boost his ego, I will not provide my children, as tools.

    I choose to…

    “Just Say No!”

    I bet there’s a Pony ride at the park, instead of the “Dog and Pony” show on parade September the 8th 14th.

Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Happy Meal Comes Home to Roost

I knew that I had used a quote from New York Representative Anthony Weiner before…. found it at my old stomping grounds The 912 Project Fan Site within the piece entitled Alan Grayson Has a New Florida Title Bestowed Upon Him. I notated at the time:

…One has to love this comment from one of Grayson’s own party members-
“Is this news to you that this guy’s one fry short of a Happy Meal?” asked Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)…

Wait it gets even better as Happy Meals come home to roost via Gateway Pundit’s article today Video: Rep. Anthony Weiner Loses it on House Floor!

One might need to ask, any and all of the observers of Rep. Weiner’s Congressional performance aka a U.S. House of Representative’s ‘Temper Tantrum’, the very same question:

“Is this news to you that this guy’s one fry short of a Happy Meal?”

Cursory Examination of Congress ~ Are they losing their damn minds? Oh… so many need to go this November via the polls and it doesn’t appear to be soon enough for some! WOW!


Arkansans To Meet in Little Rock “Stop Kagan”

Calling the Tea Party Members, 912ers, Independents, Conservatives, Libertarians, Concerned Patriots, Oath Keepers, Constitutionalists:

Tuesday, July 13 at 10:00 am
Front Steps of the Arkansas State Capitol
Arkansas and National Leaders Demand a “NO” Vote on Elena Kagan for Supreme Court
Speakers from the
Tea Party Express
Vision America, and the
Will highlight Kagan’s experience as a political activist
rather than the impartial jurist the Supreme Court requires

Unfortunately, I am still out of state or I would be there. Good Luck tomorrow. Shine Brightly! Just say NO!


One Year Later The Same Big Bag of Wind Blows Through Iowa

Could it be a year already since Bogus POTUS hit the stomping grounds in Iowa with the same tired and tried rhetoric?
Why yes it has been! I documented it before on The 912 Project Fan Site:

April 23, 2009

The Priorities of POTUS – $$$$$$$$$

By Bobbi85710

The Priorities of POTUS – $$$$$$$$$

Could any visit be more appropriate than the visit of POTUS to a wind energy plant in Iowa with the heat of the American People on? It’s all about the money shifting again!!!
When was the last time he visited North Dakota as they have continually struggled to maintain the flood waters, in the cold, and the devastation those residents have endured? Not Katrina enough looking for a photo opportunity and too cold?

Let’s get it down to the real significant – priorities.

It’s all about the money! How many times have you seen requests for donations by the Administration? Can you say countless?

One of the most unusual requests I’ve seen was prior to Obama’s POTUS status….. a lottery chance for a “special visit” from candidate BHO in Denver, Colorado from OVERSEAS, in fact, !!!! KENYA !!!!


By the way, the entire site is an eye-opener if you know the history of the relationships. And the donation requests have yet to end. Where’s the money trail leading…..we’ll get back to that.

Let’s move on to another tidbit in priorities:

Allegiance to…..? Viewing the following blogged and scanned documents, it says so much!


Let’s move on to a Non-Negotiable with respect to priorities:

Examine the vetting that was submitted, confirmation of eligibility to run for POTUS-


Supporting documentation none and Pelosi signed off?!? Guess we know why she maintains her level of authority!

Now the last priority is a Given!!! – where to spend all that money and why:


This will never go away…. why? The most basic reason. POTUS was never eligible at birth to ascend to the position. No amount of “fixing” will correct this.

Tea Party events never began due to one of these priorities, but due to our U.S. Constitution…..


….and the respect to support it by every True Patriotic American Citizen.

With all of the spending by a POTUS who remains as only a figure head spending money “WE” don’t have, but he controls – TEA PARTY ON!

And just where was Bogus POTUS today? Beating a drum with a dead horse in Iowa.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I have seen the definition and it is Obama!

No change, no hope!