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Will the Department of Transportation Aid and Abet Criminal Activity?

Sadly it’s pretty consistent with the entire DC philosophy these past two years…

From The Hill’s insightful article “DoT exploring technology that would disable cell phones in cars” we learn that the overpaid Washington mob has nothing better to accomplish then more aggravation and danger upon Americans.

My question is: When would this ever be considered a practical move?

Just a Few Possible Scenarios and Realistic Safety Concerns:

Will the phones be turned off in cars of drivers and all passengers? Hmm… won’t be a selling feature of convenience and gas savings for joining the local carpools!

This also wouldn’t allow a kidnap victim with a concealed cell phone to call out for help? Great… now kidnappers and thugs have an easier control of potential victims immediately.

Police and highway patrol wouldn’t be able to converse with fleeing motorists… remember Al & OJ?

Mom and Dad go out for the evening. Babysitter, Grandma, etc needs to ask Mom or Dad a question… but no phone service for both as they are traveling in the same car?

Witness to a crime or emergency (drunk driver, holdup, fire) and as you are driving alone… you can’t call it in, unless you find a safe place to stop, turn off your car, and get how far away from the vehicle?

If it will turn off, what’s the point of having this “disabler”… but if it is to remain on continuously, what are the long term effects of its exposure to the human body?

Inquiring minds want to know!


What We Have Here Is A Failure to Legislate

As Darkness Covers Congress……..

house of hell.jpg
Patriots See the Light of Change to Congress
in 2010 & Beyond

Well how did the entire U.S. Senate enjoy Harry Reid’s harassment during the holiday season? Wasn’t that fun? And for what? It looks like so little was done for no reason other than the whim of the Bogus POTUS! Does Congress not yet realize it is the tool of fools for the Yule Tide Hating Bogus POTUS? This whole Health Care Bill was just a busy activity so that Yemen Nationals could be snuck out of Gitmo and returned to their country. Coincidentally, this occurs while Yemen announces a War on the U.S. and just prior to the attempted bombing of a Detroit Delta Flight Christmas Day?

It is unfortunate for so many (the citizens of the United States), that so few (the Congress of the United States) feel the need to be submissive to another branch of the government. If Congressional members can not do their job without payoffs, bribes, threats, coercion, special interests, pork grabs, party peer pressure, and a clear conscience then they need to be replaced and as soon as possible. Liberal fanaticism is over, Socialism is out, Marxism is a never was, and Fascism could never be. Conservatism is the key to reality, growth, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Bogus POTUS is on a mission of National Destruction, Congress are you kow-towing now?

Any questions Congress? Read this How To For Congressional Dummies!

For the citizenry read this as well. It is always a good idea to know the role of the opposition, who is trying to tear up our United States of America.

And never forget that last minute gift for your congressman, a selected reading list that does not include Mao, Obama, or any other Socialist drivel.