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Everything Mr. Obama Touches Turns to #@!#

Golf Digest
A photocropped and photoshopped January 2010 cover of Golf Digest displays Tiger Woods and Mr. Obama together. Well it just goes to show that everything you see can be manipulated to your advantage for a moment in time. I guess I was on to something here in a previous post on the 912 Project Fan Site “…know that Tiger Woods is a golfing legend and no matter how many times you play (way too much) that he will always be above the Usurper’s score…” and a few thoughts from an earlier post today here:

When Less is More and More is Less

Just mulling over the Tiger Woods fiasco and the Usurper’s Afghanistan proclamation. How convenient that they occurred simultaneously.
Tiger Woods should have learned – that less said, would have been more.
The Usurper in chief offers a little more in troops, but much less than requested by his handpicked General.
Both “leaders” are at tumultuous crossroads and losing fans quickly!
There’s a joke here, but being the lady I am, I won’t go there.
The disturbing facts appear to be that Tiger Woods only affected his life and home, and of course his vehicle. However the Usurper has continually affected the countless lives of our servicemen and servicewomen at home and abroad and the crescendo is growing.”

King Midas had a touch that was more than he could handle. Hollywood should appreciate the Atuk Curse. And here we are!

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