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Preview of Things to Come – Illegals Via International Trucking?

Another failure in the making as Obama Plan Aims to Ease Mexican Trucking Ban. Who thought this was a good idea? Why… the Bogus POS POTUS of, course!

What could possibly go wrong? Maybe, just maybe… the trucking won’t just be all about produce as DPS Detains Suspected Immigrants at Traffic Stop

If “…God enriches…”, the illegals will take it away.


Arkansas Senator-Elect John Boozman Starts Out Right!

Arkansas Sen.-elect Boozman to support GOP ban on earmarks and he wants to hear from “We the People” of Arkansas! How refreshing!

Confirmed via this


The New Republican Senator From Arkansas

Obviously in Washington, DC during the Lame Duck Session as a working Representative of the House and as the newly elected Senator going through orientation… GOP Welcomes Freshman Republican Senators …he is unable to be present in Arkansas. With so much on his plate, though, it’s great to know that John Boozman is working overtime for Arkansans! Thank-you, Sir!

I will be listening in, and might even key in for a question!

Update from Call

Call lasted from a prompt 8 pm to 8:25 pm

John Boozman thanked Arkansans for their “…advocacy…”.

He advised that there are 3 major items in the works at the Lame Duck Congress:

1 Continuation of the Tax Policy.

2 The Continuing Appropriation Bills.

3 DADT which he is “…opposed to changing…”.

Other items that could/may be brought up are the Dream Act (he “opposes”) and English as the Official Language. He answered several call in questions directly with no hesitation or fluff. I feel there is now a fiscally conservative Arkansas official, who is ready to dig in, persevere, and help secure these United States of America!

The Affirmative Inaction President

The MAN wants it his way, no matter what laws are broken, at any cost to everyone but himself. He wants all “yes men” as he moves indecisively in sloth mode to shred the U.S. Constitution.

Case in point quick synopsis:

Obama Team Initiates ~ Moratorium on Drilling in Gulf
Judge ~ Struck Down
Obama Team Requests ~ Delay of Judge’s Decision
Judge ~ Denied

What part of “No” does the Moron in Chief not understand… oh, that’s right, usurpers have no rules, laws, or integrity.

How quickly he moves when Soros’ money is at risk, hmm? This happened over days. Not like the months it took for McChrystal to get his troops, the weeks it took to jaunt down to the Gulf after the oil spill, the month or so that Governor Brewer has waited for troops promised to her for border security, and I believe Senator LeMieux is still looking for skimmers… hmm?


Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee Citizens Getting Bypassed In Health Care for Mexican Nationals aka Illegal Aliens!

With this bit of news ~ “New health-initiative partnership includes UAMS, Blue & You Foundation”, I just had to begin digging in Arkansas today…

Could it be all about the money?
Blue and You Foundation – List of Grants Awarded
UAMS College of Public Health, Mexican Consulate Team Up for Public Health Initiatives

No, of course it couldn’t!!!

I wonder if the Mexican Consul General Carlos Garcia is aware of the Arkansas Illegal Immigrant Benefits Ban Amendment? Is UAMS College of Public Health and the Blue and You Foundation aware? hmm?

Looks like there is no trouble as Secure Arkansas gathers signatures for ballot initiative is moving rapidly in on meeting its goal.

And don’t let any illegal immigrants stop UAMS and Blue from stomping all over the U.S. Constitution and the tax-paying citizens of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee or impede their health care for the mucho dinero! Ever heard of ICE otherwise known as US Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

Oklahoma and Tennessee check it out! Who if anyone authorized this circumvention of U.S. Law?


Obama Fail Whale – Fails Whales

Obama Fail Whale Twitter Friends Will Appreciate This!

President Obama Whales Need Us Salt

danthewhaleman — March 10, 2010 — This series shows the beauty of whales, not whaling scenes. Appropriate for all children.

In 2010, resumption of commercial whaling is a real possibility.

This three-part series introduces Salt, the most famous humpback whale in the Atlantic ocean.

Please do everything you can to stop all types of whaling. There is only one Salt but thousands of other individual whales are killed each year.

Salt is just one of the 15 whale families you will meet and fall in love with on Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names.

So the Gulf of Mexico is decimated and now Obama eyes the Atlantic Coast and Whales?

Obama Under Fire for Backing Deal to Lift Global Ban on Commercial Whaling

Brosnan Harpoons Obama for Voting “Present” on Whaling

Where is Greenpeace and their Leftist Indignation for Obama on the Whale Vote and for the Oil Spewing in the Gulf that is killing incalculable wildlife? …………. Crickets!

Dedicated to JM.


No Salt is the Newest Assault Upon America

Okay, whose bright (sarcasm) idea was this – “Nanny State Looks to Ban Salt in NY“?

Salt is required to bake breads, cakes, pies, rolls, pizza.
Salt is required for fudge.
Salt makes the best accent on Margaritas.
There’s no soup without salt.

Legitimate Reasons for Salt “Salt -The Spice of Life

Looks to me like some idiots are assaulting the restaurant business now and purposely! These little digs flying all over the country remind me that the political machine attempts to play games at every opportunity. Nothing like a good distraction.

Hmm the “Lowering Salt in Your Diet” at the FDA, U S Food and Drug Administration site has an interesting link at the bottom:

For More Information

The second link takes you to Project: Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake……… hmm? is New York the test dummy site opportunity until the money and time runs out?

Here’s an interesting study “Iodine deficiency diseases in Switzerland one hundred years after Theodor Kocher’s survey: a historical review with some new goitre prevalence data“.

I wonder if the one US study has looked at the long history of Iodine/Salt usage or the Swiss study? Could this be a way to increase health problems for Americans?

Justin Wilson must be rolling over in his grave –

New Orleans Cajun, Justin Wilson – Gumbo

The man was a master of Cajun Cooking and no one was better measuring out a teaspoon of salt!

Obama the Newest Zodiac?

This piece is a little bit out there, but follow along please. Does it not appear that every aspect of the signs of the Zodiac are under attack by the administration? Could this administration be as simple and transparent as this?

Look at the literal symbols-

AriesObama kills Aries Rocket to instead pay Russia for NASA orbit access; Russia unveils 5th Gen T-50 Stealth Fighter; Who’s side is Obama on?
Taurus – Just my favorite saying – The Drama of the Obama ‘Brahma’ Bull
GeminiArtists for Obama – Gemini G Last page is a jaw dropper!
CancerObama’s Breast Cancer Panel is a true ‘Death Panel’ for American women
LeoLeo Haffey, Arrested, Nashville TN, Obama thugs, Judge Dumas agenda, No bond, Suspicious affidavits, Traci Horst, Brent Horst, Nashville District Attorney office, Batya D Wininger, Nashville corruption
VirgoPresident Obama Disses DAR Continental Congress Meeting in DC
LibraPresident Obama’s Thumb on the Scales of Justice
ScorpioAnother Obama program caught in undercover sting
SagittariusObama’s Latest Attack on America: Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist
CapricornIs This Obama’s Pet Goat Moment?
AquariusBarack Obama water bottle gate fraud. Medved exposes. Video
PiscesObama’s Latest Assault on Freedom– New Regulations Will Ban Sport Fishing

Since he’s been so truthful with the American People (cough, cough), and pre-attacks others…

…like Mrs. Reagan, I wonder where he truly stands on Astrology?