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Fred Nordhorn Visits Blog Talk Radio and The Snoop Chick

Many discussions occurred on Vicki Nissen’s The Snoop Chick’s Blog Talk episode tonight including a visit with Fred Nordorn who is running as the Candidate for House of Representatives MD 8th District (Constitution Party). The show topic was “What are Dispersants Doing to the Gulf and its Residents?” and Fred was given quite an overview of potential designations and damages that could befall the Chesapeake Bay area via JoAnne Moretti.

Unfortunately there were many difficulties with the Blog Talk operations this evening and scheduled guest,Casey Nunez, probably had great trouble just trying to get through. However ShortRound82 (an avid listener of Casey’s) called in and advised Vicki’s listeners to catch some of the best video clips of the Gulf of Mexico events at jamescfox’s Channel.

Here’s one recent video:

There was so much information packed into this one hour show. Hopefully, Casey can make it next week.



Louisiana – A State Under Assault – Now Past the Coastline and Heading Inland

It’s Not Just the Coast or the Coastline where fallout damage is occurring from the Gulf Oil Spill. It is now carried through the air via, wind and rain, and moving inland:

Oil Rain In Louisiana?

HistoryTours — June 22, 2010 — this looked exactly like what we saw yesterday under the Bay Saint Louis Miss Bridge On Our Way Out To Cat Island In The Gulf. Thick Brown Gooey Foam

More information on other affected states here:
Is Benzene the Culprit and Creeping Out of the Gulf of Mexico? Or is it Oil? Or Both?

And tipping into the BP cams doesn’t offer much hope anytime soon.