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Michael Berry Reveals the Truth About “The Third World President” of the USA

Received this from a Tea Party Leader this morning:

Sent: Sun, Aug 22, 2010 10:02 am
Subject: Get Fired Up to Go Out and Make a Difference

“This guy works for KTRH 740 in Houston, TX, and it is the best call to arms I have heard yet!
I personally am watching this everyday till November 3rd, and then once a week till 2012!”

I’m Taking Action.mpg

JustaDeputy | August 14, 2010

I heard Houston Radio Host Michael Berry on the radio and he motivated me. I’m taking action! If you are “Proud to be an American” …you will take action too. Get involved; find a candidate and get to work.


Arkansas Wouldn’t You Like to Hear It Straight From Our Democratic House Reps Before They Vote on Health Care?

Arkansas Wouldn’t You Like to Hear It Straight From Our House Reps Before They Vote on Health Care? They have 72 hours before they vote. I want to know how our representation in Congress listens to us and votes on our needs, whether they are retiring or not! Why won’t they come home and listen to us ask the questions, that are a necessity at this time in history, and give us answers? Why not tell us how you are voting, why, and where did your influence come from – the people of Arkansas (who gave you the opportunity to be in Congress) or the Executive Branch of Government? Cowards! Summer of 2009 Town Hall Hiding Out Part 2!

Now is the time for all Arkansans: to phone, email, fax and get an answer… don’t wait for someone else to do it. Tomorrow, or Sunday, might be too late! Those bribes, promises, arm twisting, Air Force One plane rides, threats, coercions, are taking US out of the US Constitution.

All states follow along. We need to know where the Representatives of the House stand – NOW. Do they support the U.S. Constitution or will they commit TREASON?

More Good News for Arkansas Representative Marion Berry Retires

Rep. Marion Berry

Rep. Marion Berry

According to Today’s THV “Congressman Marion Berry won’t seek re-election, cites health concern“.

Rep. Vic Snyder

Rep. Vic Snyder

This announcement follows closely on the heels of Representative Vic Snyder’s announcement that he was retiring.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Oh, if Arkansas could just have the luxury of acquiring Senator Blanche Lincoln’s retirement… it would save a tremendous amount of time, effort and money on the constituent base. Life just gets better every day as rats desert the Liberal Democratic Party. Suddenly… they all have issues?