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One Day at a Time, One State at a Time

Good to Know That Washington State is Righting Itself Up Against Liberal Leanings

And guns are still the golden equalizer…

Washington State Flag
Benton Co. Prosecutor Calls Finley Homicide Justified

The Second Amendment is secure in Washington State, now what about Washington DC?

Make it happen across The United States of America!


Wisconsin Finally Receives the Budget Repair Bill Signed into Law by Gov. Walker

The Bill that Trumka, Obama, lunatic leftist Liberals, Democratic fleebaggers, shilling socialists and union minions feared:


Fools and their money are soon parted!

By the way, Madison Wisconsin probably had earned the best tourists’ dollars seen in any winter months, this past 3 weeks or so. Capitalists won in Madison as well. I am sure the tourists’ dollars will be sorely missed, however no one will miss the hostile forces and unscrupulous tactics that the Left have proven to exude. Where’s that self-professed “Civility”? Must be that a Liberal’s civility and IQ level go hand in hand and that bar is set so low.

Way to Break Out of Union Clutches, Wisconsin!

Wisconsin State Senators… That is… All Who Were Present and Not Fleebagging… Casts Vote

What Year Is Wisconsin Stuck in 1848 or Today?

UPDATE 6:22 pm CST: The Senate held an evening session and passed the amended budget repair bill, 18-1.

Good for Wisconsin, Good for the United States of America!

The Democratic Fleebaggers have accomplished nothing, but have shown themselves to behave like petulant children, and deserve every penalty that can be placed on them by the Wisconsin State Government and the citizenry of Wisconsin. Bussed in union goons were nothing more than big buffoons and minions under more minions of the current inept and bogus DC administration. The U.S. Constitution and the Wisconsin Constitution were applied and can not be denied.

Keep your eyes on the Wisconsin Legislature here, it’s fascinating and historic! God Bless Wisconsin!

One Tows the Line for an Air Force 1 Ride, Another for a WH Super Bowl 45 Party Invite

Liberal Lemmings Cut Their Noses to Spite Their Faces

Almost a year after Dennis Kucinich of Ohio got a “happy” ride on Air Force One to assist towing the Bogus POTUS line, another “happy” manifestation has occurred.

Doesn’t Seem “Fair and Balanced” When You Are Going to the Party, Bill!

…so now we get the “happy”…

O’Reilly – Discussion of “Meet the Press” Interview (2.14.11)

OmniChristianVids3 | February 14, 2011 |


The price for ignoring the laws of the U.S. Constitution, withholding documentation proving the obvious and blatant usurpation of the White House, and belittling citizens and legislators who are well-informed of this Bogus POTUS is traitorous by a Liberal Left Leaning Legislator and an “Entertainment Show Host”. God Help Your Consciences! It took so little!

Smoking Good News for Arkansas Regarding Gun Bill SB115

It’s snowing like all get out but the “Gun bill passes through Ark. committee” as reported by THV.

Patriots do not sleep during rain, sleet, or snow(but I bet I won’t see the mailman today). Arkansas government is working for “We the People“.

Bill Number SB115

You can watch the status of Bill Number SB115 daily. Hold your elected officials accountable, People! They work for you!

Doesn’t Seem “Fair and Balanced” When You Are Going to the Party, Bill!

Oh…let the spin begin…

Bill O’Reilly – Obama Super Bowl Interview

VideeWell | February 06, 2011 |

During the pregame show for Super Bowl XLV, on February 6, 2011, Bill O’Reilly interviews President Barack Obama. Topics discussed include the crisis in Egypt, how the presidency has changed him personally and politically, and the Obama health care law.

Who is the Pinhead now, Bill?

A Bill Destined to Die “H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act”

The Hell House of the Lame Duck Demonic Democratic Congress

With the death panels that are proposed to come into fruition via Obamacare (as touted by Paul Krugman aka the 21st Century’s Angel of Death), it looks like the Progressives have been working on the death camps via H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act and the related S.3476 – National Emergency Centers Establishment Act.

The only deaths “We the People” are interested in, at the moment,  is Obamacare, HR 645 and S 3476. Wonder what else will be uncovered from the dirty dealings of the recessive Progressive Lame Duck Congress over the next several years?

The people trusted you Lame Duckers to work for “We the People” not against us. You have become the collective group of traitors to the American People, the United States of America and our U.S. Constitution. I do  hope that those who have become evicted seat warmers will enjoy the new title of Pariah Extraordinaire (Let no patriotic man or woman patronize or work with any of the voted out sell-outs!). Well, corrections were safely made at the voting booths and there are many more to come election cycle after election cycle.

By the way, it’s so past time to end Charlie Rangel’s career. Expulsion is needed, necessary and proof that even the remaining socialists and progressives know that their time is over. Who’s or what’s next?