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Continuing Dead Bird Body Count – Now Yankton South Dakota

One again the birds have been reported as Starlings. As I have stated before, I am continually watching for the birds because they cover the most territory in the shortest span of time. That being said there has been an incident involving 200 cows in Wisconsin.

Bird Death Location Map 2011


Unexplained Bird Deaths Continue to Mount and Expand in the United States

As of January 4th, 2011

Bird Deaths Locations - Copy

Oh just for the record… that theory for the Beebe, Arkansas bird deaths (estimated now at 5000) regarding a storm burst or fireworks isn’t cutting it! All in Arkansas remember this past New Year’s Eve when the storms that devastated Cincinnati, Arkansas began  in the wee morning hours that day. As the storms split and moved to the east and northeast, warnings ceased in the late afternoon hours. This does not explain 11-11:30 pm on that same evening.

Then the fireworksBeebe is not a large community and somebody would remember an amazing fireworks display that would have generated such a raucous reaction of distressed birds near said event. There would be a video somewhere these days too. And how would fireworks startle and kill 5000 birds over such a wide, yet defined, location? If this was true and logical, why does this not occur all over the USA on every Fourth of July when the highest population of birds are present in the summer season. It also does not explain the dead blackbird in Benton, Arkansas or these other two locations:

Marshall County Kentucky
Labarre, Louisiana

None of this can even begin to explain the fish kill as Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas River or off Kent Island, Maryland in Fish Kill Caused By Cold Stress.

Still working on my theory, but it has nothing to do with storms and fireworks. It smacks of H5N1 to H1N1, or something in between, as Japan and the UK are currently experiencing?

Dead Blackbirds Numbers Increased to 2,000 in Beebe, Arkansas

And there are more questions than answers!

Personally in my area, the bird numbers seem drastically reduced today, and I am a good 58 miles from Beebe. I went into one of our local stores this very afternoon. A few of us talked about the episode in Beebe and I was told  that a red winged black bird was found dead, on the porch of one of the cashier’s homes, not far away. It does not appear that Beebe is an isolated event as Massive fish kill blankets Arkansas River!

Happy Thanksgiving! Make Great Memories This Year!

Really go ahead and do have a bit of fun this year…

I remember when I was younger, and being from Ohio, I loved seeing WKRP in Cincinnati wherever we were stationed. I had a view of home and a reminder of WKRC, Skipper Ryle, Uncle Al, Larry Smith, the Cool Ghoul, and so much more. But like so many others, one of my favorite episodes of WKRP had to do with a bit of an oopsie…. Here in a 30 second viewing is the Turkey Drop Episode~

WKRP Turkey Drop in 30 Seconds

By the way, Good Morning you Early Birds! or Early Birders!

Now you know, I am in “Hog Heaven” in Arkansas when they have the annual Turkeys Tossed From A Plane Once a Year

Only in America, and that’s why I love her so!

Obama’s Happy Bird – Day!

About To

IOTW2009 | August 03, 2010

A Tribute to the Bogus POTUS’ Birthday, remember this?

Obama Looking To Kick Ass

climatebrad | June 07, 2010

6/7/10: President Obama tells NBC he’s consulting with experts on the BP oil disaster to know “whose ass to kick.”

A lot of talk and no action! Speaks volumes!

Hat tip to JoAnne 🙂