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Classy Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Sends Christmas Greetings

I tell you sometimes I get homesick for Virginia…

Sent: Thu, Dec 23, 2010 9:46 am
Subject: Heartfelt Greetings



Iowa – Email Privacy Issues Follow Jonathan Narcisse Wherever He Goes

One would expect that any candidate for any state governor position, in these United States of America, to be of unquestionable character and ethics.

What if a candidate, for the office of Iowa Governor, has repeatedly displayed a lack of safeguarding and securing private and privileged information within the confines of their previous respective job duties? If I were an Iowa resident, I would certainly want to know any candidate’s record. For your perusal:

My Open Letter to Jonathan Narcisse

Narcisse Sends an Open Letter to Bob Vander Plaats

Attack of the Narcisse Clones: The School Board Election

Lawsuit Names DM Schools, Jonathan Narcisse

Narcisse Releases Final E-Mail As Board Member

Comparing two lapses in judgment by Des Moines school board members

Jonathan Narcisse Is A Loser Who Doesn’t Pay His Bills

Iowa, Can You See It Now?

Iowans, Have You Ever Corresponded with Mr. Narcisse Via Email? Will Your Communications Become A Publicity Stunt in the Future or Aspects of Your Discussions Released? Will It Be Passed To a Third Shill To Work On? Do High School Antics of Passing Notes, Pass The Smell Test of Vetting a Gubernatorial Candidate’s Qualifications?

We must examine a series of strange events involving just this very blog ~

Mr. Jonathan Narcisse – INO (Independent in Name Only) ALERT to IOWA Voters! written after I was alerted to various inconsistencies.

An exchange between the candidate and I occurred in comments, and I revealed via a new piece Jonathan Narcisse Has a Temper Tantrum and Pulls Out The Race Card on This Conservative Blogger.

In the meantime, someone right there in Iowa, privy to the fact that no phone calls were ever exchanged between Mr. Narcisse and myself, decided to suddenly get in the mix and was soundly rebuffed via a solo tribute When You Can’t Defend Yourself – Send in the Shills and his employer’s IP address blocked.

*** When relevant and one of my article’s pertains to a particular area of the country, I will often link it elsewhere for the benefit of that particular community. Such is the case here and where the shill reveals himself by open responses:

Wednesday 9/15/09 Original article linked to Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1956256752.html

Saturday morning 9/18/09 Followup article linked to Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1960618726.html

Saturday afternoon 9/18/09 Shill rebuffed from my blog rants on Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1961163155.html while working, hmm?

Saturday/Sunday midnight hour 9/19/09 Unnamed and non-identifying shill article linked to Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1961720696.html

Sunday 9/19/09 Shill self-identifies and panics with rant on Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1962261608.html

Psst….Alinsky is dead… Long Live Patriots!

Side note to purported The Conservative Guy…. In a pig’s eye~

Somebody Wants to Fool the World ~ Patriots Take Action!

In the meantime the Megalomaniac Bogus POTUS is in the mode of…
Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Patriots can you take 2 minutes to make a statement? I did!


Greetings Bobbi,

Re: Criminal Complaint Letter to FBI

Thank you for submitting your request to American Grand Jury. Please allow us 24-hours to review your submittal and post your name to the Complaint Letter database.

Best Wishes,
Bob Campbell (and)
Arnie Rosner
American Grand Jury

Visit the AGJ and the following post Arnie Rosner: It’s about time the citizens of this Country file a formal complaint with the FBI. It’s time to make a stand, and take action!


Smartalec Liberals Never at a Loss to Display Animosity Toward Patriotic Americans – Videos

Remember to vote wisely this November, to begin the restoration our United States of America, and every November after. Where can children and young adults look to leaders to admire? It’s definitely not in Politics with these Liberal Progressive Socialist Smartalecs!
They appear to believe in each instance that they are talking and interacting with children. However they, themselves, come across as petulant and childish!

Joe Biden

Bob Etheridge

Blanche Lincoln

Claire McCaskill

Barack Obama

Nancy Pelosi

Harry Reid

Pete Stark

This small list took only a few minutes to compile. That in itself, is a sad statement! There are so many more examples from these Progressives and other LIberals!


Visiting Amerian Grand Jury BlogTalk Radio Tonight

I will be there tonight!

Note: before I share the information about the BlogTalk I wanted to apologize for the newsletter not going out on Tuesday. Instead, it will be out this Saturday. We have a lot to tell you in the newsletter. The week was very busy with the American Grand Jury Blog receiving over 70,000 hits in just 6 days.

blogtalkAmerican Grand Jury BlogTalk radio is happening tonight, Thursday, April 8th.

Local times are 7:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Mountain, 9:00 PM Central and 10:00 PM Eastern.

Welcome tonight!

Bobbi Miller from Arkansas and Bill Miller from Missouri (no relation), both American Grand Jury members, will be our guests tonight. Bobbi is planning a get-together in Little Rock, AR when the Spring Tour arrives in May to serve the Grand Jury Presentments. Bill will be traveling with us on the Tour. We are going to talk about the Spring Tour and then open the program up for callers.

The show will last 1-hour. We will take the calls in the last 30-minutes of the program.

For those of you that can’t join us the program is being recorded. You can visit the BlogTalk radio link the following day and download the show in .MP3 format to playback on your computer.

Your American Grand Jury hosts are Bob Campbell and Phil Dedrick. Jackie Morrison from California is your host in the AGJ Chatroom.


The call-in number is: (347) 215-7787

The Private Chat room for American Grand Jury BlogTalk is here:


You are ALL invited, so BE THERE!

The Progressive Recession Is In Full Swing – Trifecta!

January 16th, 2010 Virginia swore in Republican Bob McDonnell as Governor of Virginia. To his supporters he sent the following message:

Dear Bobbi,

As we begin the important work of turning Virginia into a true Commonwealth of Opportunity, I want you to know that I’m deeply grateful for your support.

This is the start of something great: I’m ready to get to work for the good of the people of Virginia.

My staff has put together a video that I’d like to share with you as a small token of my gratitude:

What a gentleman… some days I miss Tidewater. Congratulations Governor McDonnell!

Today January 19, 2010 New Jersey swore in Republican Chris Christie as Governor of New Jersey. I like the brash conservative style and supported Chris Christie as well.

He’s very down to earth. Congratulations Governor Christie!

As one observes from my blog and Twitter stream, I have been supporting Scott Brown for U.S. Senator for Massachusetts. Never permit, the state that you reside in, to limit your expectations in leadership – throughout the USA. No one else will watch your country as you will. Just because you can’t vote on a certain ballot, in a certain place, doesn’t mean you can’t help to make a difference. We’re all in this together. Some citizens relaxed, fell for the swill, or worse fell asleep in 2008 and look at the mess we have. It’s going to be a lot of work turning our USA back around, but it’s one step at a time. The wave of restoration has hit the Atlantic shores and the citizens want more, more, more.

( Spot reserved to announce Scott Brown winning the election, will update with time called. It is nearly 5pm EST. *****UPDATE: I am confident with the numbers at 9pm EST/8pm CST and with 65% of the vote tallied, there is no question that Scott Brown is the new U.S. Senator from Massachusetts! )

In Senator Brown’s own words:

God Bless Scott Brown, God Bless Massachusetts, and God Bless the USA and may our Flag fly proudly once again!