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The Shaking Quakes in Arkansas

The memorable earthquakes that I have experienced:

I was in Ohio, a good distance from the epicenter in Kentucky. However the ripple effect was felt quite intensely in Dayton. This was the first earthquake that I experienced in my adult years and all of the awareness of true danger.


Ah… the Whittier-Narrows… I was right in Long Beach, California. The devastation was wide spread and quite significant. Now the danger I felt was for my children and so five months later we left California for a more stable environment!


Who knew Arkansas would begin a consistent pattern of earthquakes that appears to be alternately growing in intensity? Of course, this is where I am, right in the thick of it. What was mind blowing, the other night, was the fact there were two potential natural catastrophes converging in Arkansas. Now Arkansans are going to have to make storm cellars that are earthquake proof too!

February 28 - March 1 2011 Arkansas Storms & Earthquakes


It is always good to understand the enemy Arkansas Earthquake Information as they show no signs of stopping.

Yesterday 3.3 Arkansas Map
Yesterday 3.3 Arkansas Map
2 days ago 4.7 Arkansas Map

This is could be the wake up call as FoxNews reports Earthquakes in Arkansas May Be Man-Made, Experts Warn.


The Steady Placement of Trojan Horses – Next Up the Temecula Mosque

Years ago, sunny, Yuppie haven, southern California… fast forward to now Liberal Loonified Lapdog Land. Moonbeam is back!

…Temecula is a city in southwestern Riverside County, California, United States with a population of 105,029…” per Wikipedia.

Has anyone investigated the bank accounts/holding of the Temecula Planning Commission? To an unbiased outsider’s impression of the video snippet within a news blip, one would think that there is a purposeful and liberally biased agenda within the commission. I mean… who chastises one group of taxpayers, over another group, within an entire community of taxpayers? More importantly… WHY?

Fortunately, I was brought up to speed on this situation via the Rick Amato Show. I happened to be scheduled, the other night, when Mano Bahk, Former Muslim and Former Iranian Naval Cpt was interviewed. What an interesting life with real world observations and a modern day Paul Revere ALERT.  As a former California resident, this inspired me to look further into the matter…

Mano Bahk

Video B

Video C

Eyes are opening and reporters are reporting as TEMECULA: Mosque opponents claim double standard.

How many Trojan Horse training centers… I mean Mosques… do Muslims need?

Reports of Dead Birds – Latest as California Reports In!

More than a dozen dead birds spotted along Missouri highway

Sonoma County mystery: What killed 100 birds near Geyserville?

From the translation In Turkey the birds mass perish

I am constantly watching for reports, birds specifically.

California Definitely Going “For Broke”!

Wakey, Wakey California!

Is that a Bear on the state flag, or a bug? I used to live there and I know what the answer was way back when, but now it seems to be a fuzzy pissant!

The leading offensive city is Oakland. Just one of many examples of asinine and pissant ‘legal-fleas’ is provided by the article “Oakland immigrant ID cards to work as debit cards“. You must read the entire article but as laid out one must acknowledge a city providing criminals cover:

“Oakland is poised to join a handful of cities in creating a municipal identification card that is touted primarily as a way for illegal immigrants to prove their identity.

But unlike programs in other locales, Oakland’s plan will be the first in the nation to create an alternative banking system for the poor, with the ID doubling as a full-service debit card…”


“…Unlike a typical debit card, the Oakland ID can be loaded with up to $1,000 at a time at participating stores. Unlimited amounts can be added via payroll direct deposit…”

1 – Providing an ID for ILLEGAL immigrants

2- If you can afford to put $1K on a card, you don’t need a card, you are not poor or you are involved in criminal activities, harboring a criminal, or aiding and abetting a criminal just like Oakland when it initiates this illegal activity.

3- If you have direct deposit and you are ILLEGAL, what social security number are you using?

So this means Oakland in the state of California, in these United States of America is involved in protecting criminals whose total motives can not be known or questioned?

Time to Replace Zoe Lofgren at the First Opportunity – California’s 16th District

Has Zoe Lofgren lost her mind? With her little publicity stunt… more like an enormous gaffe of sponsoring Colbert’s ridiculous (and not in a fun way) spewing diatribe on and within the American People’s Congressional halls… she insulted all of America, not just California’s 16th district. What part of smart was this? Congress wants respect yet lines up for a court jester to perform at their own detriment and via dollars laid out by hardworking American taxpayers. Huge loss of what little respect remained! Huge! Maybe ol’ Zoe is looking to launch her very own spin-off  “Bizarre Search ” reality show upon her eminent retirement. Still laughing Zoe?

Looks like everyone will be strongly supporting her upstanding opponent Edward Gonzalez going forward. No question about ethics, and I don’t envision any congressional antics.

California elevate your expectations! Vote Edward Gonzalez!

John Dennis Boldly Revels With Humor as Pelosi Evades Debate

Nancy Pelosi, Wicked Witch of the West

JohnDennis2010 | September 12, 2010

Throw some water on Nancy Pelosi! Donate, volunteer, and vote for John Dennis!

John Dennis is running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, CA. See his website for details on his platform and issues.

Follow John Dennis on twitter: http://twitter.com/JohnDennis2010

Directed by Ladd Ehlinger Jr. http://FilmLadd.com / http://twitter.com/FilmLadd

I love how John Dennis has issued an open letter to Mrs. Pelosi requesting a live televised debate. As the time clock ticks, there has been 6 1/2 days of no response, as of this very moment. Ah… the transparency, Mrs. Pelosi!

Judge Bolton’s Marionette Strings Pulled by Obama Administration?

Marionette Show – Decadence

Thefifthwheel | March 08, 2008

Marionette Cabaret “The Fifth Wheel”

Any layperson can see an agenda… hmm? Wonder if there was a discussion if Kagan doesn’t get confirmed… silly thought or?

ALRA Presser

AZGOPcomm | July 29, 2010

Arizona officer dies in under cover drug bust, while Judge Susan Bolton looks the other way
Who Color Coordinated the Wardrobe for the Phoenix Arizona Protesters from California?