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Des Moines Iowa Meet and Greet with Herman Cain

Via Eyes on the Ground in Iowa – Frank reports: “Please feel free to use any or all of this synopsis to get the word out. It was one the finest events I have ever attended..”


Today at 5:00 PM at Smoky Row sandwich shop here in Des Moines, I had the opportunity with a dear friend to attend a meet and greet with Herman Cain.   As Smoky Row is a fairly small shop, this meet and greet had standing room only.  I would like to say there were 100 of us packed into this party room plus there were people standing at either entrance trying to get in to hear this man speak.   

Mr Cain started by talking for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and for the rest of the time took questions from the audience.  I was chosen to ask the lead question and asked him to explain his time as the head of the FED in Kansas City, followed by his affiliation with the FED since that time, and finally the quote by him in late 2010 where he was quoted in interview that he did not think we needed to audit the FED.

Mr Cain’s response was:  “I did head the KC branch of the FED 1994 – 1995 when their mission was to control inflation through our money supply”.  At the point he felt this was complete, he said “Mission Accomplished” and left the FED to pursue other endeavors.  Since leaving the FED in the mid nineties, he no longer has any affiliation with this entity. 

To my next question concerning the statement of auditing the FED, his reply was: “I do not know what the mission of the FED is now except to print money for the gov’t to spend and spend.  I do know that each branch of the FED does its own audit each month and I feel that nothing would be found by auditing.  However, I do not and will not defend the FED, nor would I impede any audit that the people would call for”

At this point he stated adamantly that the problem with our economy was the SPENDING.

The next question asked centered on how he would handle the economy and put people back to work…To this he replied:

  • First  stopping the spending by reviewing government agencies and cutting programs that were blatantly useless, followed by review of all federal agencies and cutting where appropriate. 
  • Next by lowering the corporate tax rate to bring manufacturing back to America and allowing them to control their own money.
  • Next was the implementing of the “Fair Tax” to allow everyone to keep more of their own earned dollars and thereby eliminating the need for the IRS.

He was then asked about how he would handle the relationship between Pakistan and the United States whereupon  his first response was: “Why would we send financial aid to any country who dislikes us?”  He then stated that even before being sworn into office, he would meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the leading generals in each theatre we are in to identify our missions and decide what, if any, were indeed in the best interest of the United States and if not, to bring our troops out of harm’s way.

He then went on to discuss meeting, with again, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in order to decide relationships with all countries, friend or foe and determine policy with each individual nation. 

On our immigration reform he would secure our borders with Mexico first, then back each state’s power to identify, prosecute, and deport illegal aliens, while at the same time reduce the bureaucracy to immigrants who wish to  come in the front door to become citizens.  He gave the example of a lady immigrant who was half way through the process to become a naturalized citizen when INS informed her that they had lost her paperwork and she had to start the whole process from the beginning again.   As he stated “That is NO way to treat people”

Lastly when asked “if and when” he was going to announce his candidacy for president, we were told that this coming Saturday he would be in Atlanta, Ga. With about 10,000 of his closest friends and did we think he would really tell them that he was not going to run?  Lol

Let me say in closing that I liked Mr. Cain from before the debate although I had never heard him in person.  After seeing and talking with him today, I feel this man is the genuine deal.  I feel he is honest, has good Christian values, and has great ideas on solving the problems plaguing our fine country.  I would encourage anyone to go and listen to this man in person and if able to attend a meet and greet to speak with him one on one as I did today.  We have got to get away from career politicians and elect strong conservatives into office with term limits..     That is MY opinion….

My Proudest Moment


Write-In Campaign for Sarah Palin for President

I suggest starting a write-in campaign NOW for Sarah Palin for President for 2012. It doesn’t cost her a dime or her time and she will be the Barracuda Candidate! Blog it, log it, campaign button it, pennant it! Want to make a difference? We can make one huge difference! We don’t need no stinking political parties!

I tweeted earlier today

bobbi85710 5:43pm via HootSuite

If Murkowski ran as a write in for Senator, let’s get Sarah Palin to run as a write in for President & start that campaign now!

I should have said that if Murkowski supposedly won as a write-in candidate for Senator, then Sarah Palin will win as a write-in candidate for President!

On a side note, watch Liberals go bonkers… Bonus!

John Kasich, Ohio Candidate for Governor, Signs Petition to Protect Ohio Citizens From Federal Health Care Legislation



Ohio Liberty Council Contact

Chris Littleton  937-499-3594



Ohio Candidate for Governor John Kasich Signs Petition to Protect Ohio Citizens From Federal Health Care Legislation

Columbus, OH, November 1, 2010. Ohio Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich yesterday signed the initiative petition for Ohio’s Health Care Freedom Amendment, sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Council.


This proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution would protect Ohio citizens from mandates of the recent federal health care control legislation, and is the single strongest statement against the bill in the United States. Initiated by Ohio citizens, the proposed amendment has gathered over 250,000 signatures, having already exceeded the state-required number of participating counties.

Kasich said, “Today I signed the Ohio Project’s initiative petition to amend Ohio’s Constitution and preserve Ohioans’ freedom to make their own decisions about health care.


I believe Ohioans deserve the best health care possible, but Obamacare doesn’t do it. Reform is needed, but it should lower costs, not raise them, and it should keep bureaucrats out of the private relationship between doctors and patients and end the frivolous lawsuits that drive up costs.


Ohioans deserve a solution to health care that doesn’t bring more big government, but which preserves their freedom to make their own decisions about their health care. I look forward to working with you to bring about that change.”


The Ohio Liberty Council would like to thank John Kasich and Congressman John Boehner for signing this amendment and making a very clear statement that state sovereignty is alive and well and Ohioans will not tolerate the unconstitutional mandates of the health care bill.



About the Ohio Liberty Council



The Ohio Liberty Council is a nonpartisan coalition of like-minded grassroots organizations throughout Ohio.  The council strives to achieve these strategic objectives:


· Foster accountability of elected officials and government

· Grow awareness of the movement

· Promote state sovereignty

· Educate citizens

· Effect elections


The council began in June 2009 as a way to connect liberty-minded Ohioans.  The group communicates on issues, but more importantly, seeks to create concerted action among the groups.  By working together, the council intends to achieve real results to protect and promote liberty in Ohio.  The most important issue facing Ohio is state sovereignty, which is the main focus of the group.

Additional Background on Health Care Freedom Amendment


The amendment would protect Ohioans from the financial burdens and individual mandates contained in the new federal health care measure passed by Congress.


After amendment language was challenged and a ruling to block it was issued, the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, approving the constitutional amendment language. The signature gathering process is underway.  More than 402,000 valid signatures are needed to qualify for the ballot in 2011.


For more information about the Health Care Freedom Amendment, please visit:   http://www.theohioproject.com/


Christine O’Donnell Shows Her Political Might on Sean Hannity

No matter how the Main Stream Media tries to spin it, Christine O’Donnell is a savvy and smart Delawarean. The national media doesn’t have a clue about Delaware and politics in Delaware. You have to have lived there to really know the people and diverse interests in “The First State” and it’s not all about Wilmington. By the way, lived in Delaware, so I know what I am speaking about!

Sean Hannity Interviews Christine O’Donnell (Part 1) – 09/21/10

PoliticsNewsNews | September 21, 2010

Sean Hannity Interviews Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell (Part 1) – 09/21/10

Sean Hannity Interviews Christine O’Donnell (Part 2) – 09/21/10

PoliticsNewsNews | September 21, 2010

Sean Hannity Interviews Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell (Part 2) – 09/21/10

Today’s Shout Outs to Georgetown and Bethany Beach!

Does Jonathan Narcisse Support Socialist, Democratic, Union or Liberal Agendas?

A bit of ancient and last century history~

Way back in November 1995 The Militant (A Socialist Newspaper) ran an article “Curtis Prepares for Hearing”  that details

“…This letter was sent to the Iowa Board of Parole on October 24 from Jonathan Narcisse, publisher of The Communicator, the major Black community newspaper distributed in Des Moines and Waterloo Iowa. It was written by Narcisse in response to an effort being organized by supporters of imprisoned union and socialist activist Mark Curtis…”

I would hesitate to guess that would be a huge YES on Support, Union, and Socialist! And to bring the reader up to speed, this is Mark Curtis!

Way back in the spring of 1996 the Capitol Area Christian News offers an article entitled “A Little National News for the Radical Fringe” and towards the bottom of the page incorporated within the piece one finds

“…The Des Moines Register (9 Feb.) responded with more integrity, even reprinting excerpts of the pamphlet. The publisher of Ankeny Today, Jonathan Narcisse, disgraced himself and journalism by firing Mr. Leach…”

What is to made from this decision and review, hmm? Wouldn’t Alinsky be so proud? Do Socialist and Union Supporters ever really outgrow their beliefs?

Fast Forward to Current Events~

So in March of this past year Mr. Jonathan Narcisse vows to run as a Democratic Candidate for Governor and dredges up a “prop testimonial” picture taken with Obama from 2008 as if that’s a winning decision. That campaign didn’t work out too well.  But then he goes on the “Crist” Twist or “Specter” Spectacle, because if you can’t win a spot on the ballot, double down and go Independent, and really waste time and money.

I’d have to say this confirms Democratic, then limping over to Independent as needed. Does Iowa really need a chameleon of the moment?

And yet there are more revelations to come….

Iowa – Email Privacy Issues Follow Jonathan Narcisse Wherever He Goes

One would expect that any candidate for any state governor position, in these United States of America, to be of unquestionable character and ethics.

What if a candidate, for the office of Iowa Governor, has repeatedly displayed a lack of safeguarding and securing private and privileged information within the confines of their previous respective job duties? If I were an Iowa resident, I would certainly want to know any candidate’s record. For your perusal:

My Open Letter to Jonathan Narcisse

Narcisse Sends an Open Letter to Bob Vander Plaats

Attack of the Narcisse Clones: The School Board Election

Lawsuit Names DM Schools, Jonathan Narcisse

Narcisse Releases Final E-Mail As Board Member

Comparing two lapses in judgment by Des Moines school board members

Jonathan Narcisse Is A Loser Who Doesn’t Pay His Bills

Iowa, Can You See It Now?

Iowans, Have You Ever Corresponded with Mr. Narcisse Via Email? Will Your Communications Become A Publicity Stunt in the Future or Aspects of Your Discussions Released? Will It Be Passed To a Third Shill To Work On? Do High School Antics of Passing Notes, Pass The Smell Test of Vetting a Gubernatorial Candidate’s Qualifications?

We must examine a series of strange events involving just this very blog ~

Mr. Jonathan Narcisse – INO (Independent in Name Only) ALERT to IOWA Voters! written after I was alerted to various inconsistencies.

An exchange between the candidate and I occurred in comments, and I revealed via a new piece Jonathan Narcisse Has a Temper Tantrum and Pulls Out The Race Card on This Conservative Blogger.

In the meantime, someone right there in Iowa, privy to the fact that no phone calls were ever exchanged between Mr. Narcisse and myself, decided to suddenly get in the mix and was soundly rebuffed via a solo tribute When You Can’t Defend Yourself – Send in the Shills and his employer’s IP address blocked.

*** When relevant and one of my article’s pertains to a particular area of the country, I will often link it elsewhere for the benefit of that particular community. Such is the case here and where the shill reveals himself by open responses:

Wednesday 9/15/09 Original article linked to Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1956256752.html

Saturday morning 9/18/09 Followup article linked to Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1960618726.html

Saturday afternoon 9/18/09 Shill rebuffed from my blog rants on Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1961163155.html while working, hmm?

Saturday/Sunday midnight hour 9/19/09 Unnamed and non-identifying shill article linked to Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1961720696.html

Sunday 9/19/09 Shill self-identifies and panics with rant on Des Moines Iowa Craigslist http://desmoines.craigslist.org/pol/1962261608.html

Psst….Alinsky is dead… Long Live Patriots!

Side note to purported The Conservative Guy…. In a pig’s eye~

Watch Out East Harlem Loony Liberals to Organize You

Are Charlie Rangel’s Union buddies/pals/comrades looking out for him while he desperately flounders under Ethics Charges? hmm?

From a Google Search just a bit of interesting trivia:

Union Settlement Association. Creating Opportunity in East Harlem

It had been slated for closure in the proposed New York City FY2010-11 budget, but the City Council restored sufficient funding to keep the center open.

Looks like the Lunatic Lefty Liberals are back on Craigslist:

new york craigslist > manhattan > jobs > nonprofit jobs
please flag with care:
Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally! Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping, escrow, or any promise of transaction protection/certification/guarantee. More info
Outreach Organizer (East Harlem)
Date: 2010-08-11, 2:14PM EDT
Reply to: job-jtqtn-1893181730@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Union Settlement Association, established in 1895, is one of the largest social service agencies in East Harlem. The agency provides childcare, after-school programs, youth development, college preparation, adult education (including ESL and GED), programs for the elderly, mental health services, and more. Union Settlement has approximately 400 dedicated employees who work from 18 different sites to serve over 13,000 local residents each year. In addition, two related entities – Union Settlement Home Care Services and Union Settlement Federal Credit Union – offer complementary programs and services to the community. For additional information about Union Settlement, please visit our website at http://www.unionsettlement.org.

Position: Outreach Organizer
Department: Senior Services
Reports to: Director of Senior Services
Hours: Part-Time

Position Summary:
Under the supervision of the Director and Assistant Director, the Outreach Organizer will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to increase the visibility and utilization of Union Settlement Senior Services within the East Harlem Community. This position is funded for one year and will focus on Senior Center usage.

• Engage in direct outreach efforts on a regular basis in the East Harlem Community.
• Develop outreach materials such as brochures and fliers to be used throughout the community in outreach efforts.
• Identify organizations and locations within the community where outreach can be most effective; develop various strategies to target outreach at these organizations and locations, as well as throughout the community in general.
• Visit each Senior Center regularly. Gain familiarity with programming strengths and tailor outreach strategies and materials to focus on strengths and new innovations at each center.
• Collaborate with Senior Services staff to develop and plan program innovations based on research and experience gained during outreach efforts.
• Develop and maintain liaisons with other agencies, as appropriate, to collaborate in outreach efforts.
• Represent Union Settlement in community and inter-agency activities, as assigned by the Director.
• Attend appropriate training programs as requested by Senior Services Director.
• Additional duties as assigned by the Director.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Human Services, or related field desired; or two years of college and two years experience.
• Demonstrated experience working with aging populations or senior services required.
• Bilingual (English/Spanish) required.
• Excellent computer skills.
• Excellent organizational ability, time management, and interpersonal skills.

To Apply:
Please send Cover Letter, Resume, Salary Requirements, and References to:
Please indicate Outreach Organizer in subject of e-mail.

* Location: East Harlem
* Compensation: Commensurate with experience.
* This is a part-time job.
* This is at a non-profit organization.
* Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
* Please, no phone calls about this job!
* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Posting ID: 1893181730

Hey New Yorkers ~ Michel Faulkner needs to be made aware of this exploitation within his district. And whatever you do, make sure you make a donation to this worthy Conservative candidate at http://www.faulknerforcongress.com/ It is so past time to clean up the Liberal corruption in NYC.