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How Do You Fill a “Duece and a Quarter”? For $ 3.25 a Gallon Self-Serve!

It’s the beginning of bad times for all!

ah…remember the very good ol’ days…

If you have been on the planet, specifically in the United States of America, for any length of time, you will notice the sheer repetition of oil prices rising and Democratic ‘toolish’ Presidential terms. Patterns exist and constantly persist during Democratic administrations, not a quick spike that relaxes, but a gradual, comfortable, increase that doesn’t ever ease.

Jimmy Carter Idiot Move
Bill Clinton Obtuse Plan Caught
and today’s Bogus POS POTUS fallout results in:

I know that I shouldn’t complain as elsewhere others are paying more… however… you know if there was ever a time that “bailout monies” should have been used… it should have all been preparatory for this gouging of the American people. How much money was thrown at countries with nothing gained in return. How about restoring and repairing and enabling oil wells in the USA to operate. At least all of “We the People” in the United States would benefit from well controlled gas pump prices. But then again, this President, cares nothing for this country or the people. Obama has his own tooled agenda which proves more and more to be that of a Dictator like his pal Chavez.

Somali Muslims Have An Ugly History Against Americans

A few thoughts as Oregon Muslims begin to play “CYA”…

Who will ever forget Mogadishu and the carnage that Somalis made of our U.S. Servicemen? Note this horrific situation occurred under “Slick Willy” Bill Clinton, a Democratic flop President who followed the Jimmy Carter Democratic flop pattern of a military fiasco.

Somali pirates pose another problem for Obama as he could not or would not make a decision for days to end a siege upon a U.S. ship. Not only is Obama a Democratic flop, he’s a Bogus President to boot. He also has continually demonstrated that he has dual allegiance as he has embraced and placed on a pedestal, all Muslims, in speech after speech after speech.

Somalia Islamic Militants Behead Four Christian Orphanage Workers. Do you think that Somalis profile?

Somali Muslim man tries to kill Danish Muhammad cartoonist Kurt Westergaardt

00ismaeL001 | January 02, 2010 | 16 likes, 5 dislikes

Somali Muslim ‘Tries To Kill Danish Mohammed Cartoonist’ in Denmark

9:14am UK, Saturday January 02, 2010

Rob Cole, Sky News Online
Danish police say they have shot a Somali man with links to al Qaeda who broke into the home of a cartoonist whose depictions of the Prophet Mohammed outraged many Muslims.

Police say the 28-year-old – who was armed with a knife and axe – was trying to kill Kurt Westergaard.

The intruder was linked to Somali terror organisation al Shabaab and al Qaeda leaders in east Africa, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service PET said in a statement…

Who are the most vile pirates on the planet? Answer: Despite international efforts, Somalia pirate attacks grow.

Talking in a fantasy filled Taqiyya and Kitman game versus walking the straight and narrow path leads to Oregon Muslim leaders fear retribution after plot, as even CAIR has been outed via the Federal judge confirms CAIR is Hamas.

Facts don’t paint a picture of peaceful members of international society, home or abroad for Somalis. No sympathy here!

Dust Off the HUAC, Time to Bring the House Un-American Activities Committee Back To Congress Now!

When did the House Un-American Activities Committee leave the realms of the U.S. Congress? According to the History Channel:

“…The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, investigated allegations of communist activity in the U.S. during the early years of the Cold War (1945-91). Established in 1938, the committee wielded its subpoena power as a weapon and called citizens to testify in high-profile hearings before Congress. This intimidating atmosphere often produced dramatic but questionable revelations about Communists infiltrating American institutions and subversive actions by well-known citizens. HUAC’s controversial tactics contributed to the fear, distrust and repression that existed during the anticommunist hysteria of the 1950s. By the late 1950s and early 1960s, HUAC’s influence was in decline, and in 1969 it was renamed the Committee on Internal Security. Although it ceased issuing subpoenas that year, its operations continued until 1975….”

When did the bulk of shenanigans, in recent memory within the U.S. Government, begin… Jimmy Carter.  He was the very First Worst President of the United States of America and now we are dealing with the Very Worst, the Bogus POTUSBarack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

If the new clean COTUS (Congress of the United States) re-activates the House Un-American Activities Committee, we will see the Loony Liberal Progressive Socialistic, Marxist, Democrats and their ilk crawl back into the crevices from which they emerged. Over the next two years, every Red-Blooded Patriotic American should continually contact their Senators and House Representatives until HUAC is a reality!

Close to Nuts – Jimmy Carter and His Appointment Barbara Crabb

So far left, all nuts begin to look alike.

Nutty Decisions to Peanuts

What ever happened to this Ms Crabb? “U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb to retire from full-time post” as notated on the State Bar of Wisconsin website. hmm? That was March 25, 2009… what could have kept you this busy for over a year? hmm? Could it be “Federal judge: National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional” which could be considered a Liberal Progressive Socialistic distraction and an anti U.S. Constitutional decision. How much money does this lady make?

I wonder who appointed Ms Crabb way back when? Per the University of Wisconsin-Madison website we find here:

“…Judge Crabb was appointed as a district judge in November 1979 by President Jimmy Carter, then served as the court’s chief from 1980 to 1996 and again from 2001 to the present. She announced in March 2009 that she will take senior status from the court, continuing to try cases but on a reduced basis…”

I see a preferential basis!

It is inevitable that this decision, Ms Crabb, will be overturned. The U.S. Constitution is the ultimate law. Memory loss? Maybe it is time for a full retirement proving that you might just be growing into that last name. Either way, you are no martyr for your cause nor a patriot making a stand… however you have embarrassed yourself greatly in full view of the American people.

TEA Party On!

We Have Slugs for Living Democratic Presidents

Let’s start with the most senile first:

Jimmy Carter

Bill Clinton

“Bill Clinton: Don’t fuel the ‘unhinged’ ” Video via CNN

Barack Obama aka the Bogus POTUS

They do their party and minions proud with innuendos, incitement and signals. Good little Liberal Progressive Socialists, continue to follow your undignified leaders.

TEA Party On!

Revisiting 1953 As a Democrat Leaves Office and President Eisenhower Commands the Presidency

Too Early (Just a Guess, since there is Not a Validated Long Form Vaulted Birth Certificate Verification for Eligibility for Presidency) for Obama but information from 1953 that is a reflection, contrast, or even a bridge to yesteryear to today…..

Oh yeah… this is what he’s striving for?

Same look and attitude with SEIU, ACORN, and Labor Unions.

No Thanks, Don’t want it, don’t need it!

Hmm, formulation of hard feelings for his in-laws who resided here:

Interesting Race Views in the North - CHICAGO!

Explains quite a few things!

The South has always been more genteel. It’s not Democratic, nor birthing the KKK, just ask “Slick Willy” Clinton with his Loaded Cigars and Jimmy “Want a Buy a Peanut” Carter:

KKK’s 1st targets were Republicans-Dems credited with starting group that attacked both blacks, whites. hmm? Tea Party Movement consisting of all races, religions, political party affiliations attacked by hmm?

Dreams of Domination in Kenya where his father was raised and formulation of harsh feelings:

Reeks of Concentration Camps and explains a lot.

When Congress Cared and Listened:

When it was Un-American to be Red, not a component of the Liberal Progressive Democratic Socialistic US Congress.

And just for good measure, did you know that former Democratic President Truman was to be subpoenaed for appointing a spy, along with Clark and Byrnes. hmm? Check out the “White” case. Irony. Looks like 1953 history is ready to repeat. When Obama is defeated or removed from office there will be more than just three subpoenas served. NO FREE PASSES!

Democrats Have America Confused for a Banana Republic

Dictators don’t dictate in America.
Tyrants don’t last.

The United States of America is defined by the advanced populace of blending over the centuries. We are fighters of injustice, tyranny, and dictators.

Now that they have unveiled their agenda for all to view, there’s no need to question their future attempts to circumvent the U.S. Constitution by Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They will continue until they are replaced by Good Men and Women from “We the People”.

The clock is ticking until the November election when a partial cleaning of the Socialists are removed from office via the polls. 2012 is going to bring a new hero to our fine republic, not the Banana Republic that the Socialist in Thief, the Socialist of Botox, and the Socialist in Discrimination are attempting to transform our United States of America into.

When Jimmy Carter got spanked out of office, we gained President Ronald Reagan. Since the drama of the Obama brahma is so pathetically worse than Carter, I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bloom on the patriotic horizon. But then again any idiot could do a better job of restoring pride, commerce, and employment upon the American people.