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The Thugocracy Still Stands as the State of the Union Reveals

The Thugocracy of America still stands… it was even foretold in “The Coming Obama Thugocracy“. Yet many Americans still slept but…

Did you notice America, last night, his little slip at the State of the Union address?

“…We will move forward together, or not at all…”

He can not claim that he didn’t say it, didn’t mean it, that we misheard it, that he read it incorrectly or any other garbage excuse that he spews. Is it a promise or a threat? It’s a Pinocchio Paradox speech on “roids”. That one little statement defines his entire Bogus POS POTUS position, a true Thug in Chief!

By the way, did anyone see evidence of a speech that had anything to do with revealing the State of the Union? No… I thought not!


The Community Organizer in Chief Can’t Organize His Community

The Community Organizer in Chief aka Bogus POTUS has issues too numerous to list. However the only “job”, that has been confirmed, that he has ever held, he fails in… as applied to his community in the White House.

Just a short list:


Liz Birnbaum
Dennis Blair
Anita Dunn
Corey Ealons
Van Jones
Mark Lippert
Alison J. Nathan
Peter Orszag
Chris Oynes
Kal Penn
Desiree Rogers
Christina Romer
Larry Summers


Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose
Lou Dobbs Quitting CNN (Thankfully lands at FOX)
CEO Tony Hayward
Donald L. Kohn
General Stanley McChrystal
Owners/Operators of Auto Dealerships
Helen Thomas
Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner
Gerald Walpin


If the DOGma Fits

Greek Mythology creatures – Cerberus

lpslover2007 | May 09, 2009

In Wisconsin yesterday… the Whiner in Chief confides to the audience

“…They talk about me like a dog…”.


There is No Commander in Chief According to Judge Lind’s Ruling

If Judge Lind does not follow the UCMJ… then the military has no where to go, should lay down their arms and go home, as there is no one available to command them.

If the end of the “Chain of Command” is at the Pentagon, then there is no valid Commander in Chief, therefore no valid orders.

This is LTC Terry Lakin’s Best Defense.

And by the way, to our Military, what has the Bogus One been up to? Just in case it’s not transparent enough, what has been ordered changed and will go into effect is not detailed:

Executive Order– 2010 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial

Just in case the White House Web Site gets scrubbed for the umpteenth time here is a photo from today as the UCMJ is getting a modification on court martials!

Now I ask you why?

Therefore this means that:

This Executive Order is invalidated by Judge Lind’s ruling, as with every other military ruling that Mr. Obama has illegally executed. Obviously this judge has performed her duty expertly and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no Commander in Chief, therefore there is no President.

Previous Chain of Command Information listed What the Military Doesn’t Need to Know Per Army Col. Denise R. Lind

The Dullard in Chief

Obama: Combat In Iraq Is Over

UpTakeVideo | August 31, 2010

So tonight, I am announcing that the American combat mission in Iraq has ended. Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country.This was my pledge to the American people as a candidate for this office. Last February, I announced a plan that would bring our combat brigades out of Iraq, while redoubling our efforts to strengthen Iraq’s Security Forces and support its government and people. That is what we have done. We have removed nearly 100,000 U.S. troops from Iraq. ; We have closed or transferred hundreds of bases to the Iraqis. And we have moved millions of pieces of equipment out of Iraq.

TRANSCRIPT: President Obama’s Oval Office Speech on Iraq

Could he be more transparently dull? There is no joy, there is no life, and this is no example of leadership. What a bogus piece of POTUS BS!

Tale of the Two Tails

Fishing protest in Vineyard Haven harbor

capecodtimes | August 26, 2010

Watch as a flotilla of fishing vessels from around the East Coast descend on Vineyard Haven harbor to protest President Obama’s administrations’ fishing policies on Aug. 25.

Obama: “We’re buying shrimp”

JRMtubing | August 26, 2010

While on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Pres. Obama did not want to answer a question from a reporter about Iraq.

Who is running with his tail between his legs? Sad, when those who step up, are the Fisherman of our waters (leaving their work for a day and loss of income to make a stand) and who have more than “fish” guts and even the lowly shrimp (who have an exoskeleton) show more backbone then a Bogus “buying shrimp” POTUS as he ducks “We the People”. What a small, shallow human being Obama has become! The Jellyfish in Chief!

Could be people are just sick of the lying, controlling, and dictatorial decrees like this one of many:

The Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force slid through by an executive order.

A Megalomaniac Dictator doesn’t know different… until he’s toppled!

Coincidence? Highly Unlikely… Cut Military and Sell F-15s!

Should the American People be worried? Damn Straight!

Virginia Lawmakers Blast Gates Plan to Cut Major Military Command

Should the American Military be worried? Damn Straight!

U.S. to sell F-15 fighter jets to Saudis

Add it to the list! The crippling of America by the Socialist in Chief who suffers from ADD (Asinine Dictatorial Delusions)!