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What Happens to Health Insurance Companies When/If Obamacare Comes to Pass?

By the way, just a way early head’s up to Health Insurance Company Workers… do you have a game plan? If health insurance coverage is only a small portion of your company’s overall interest, you are probably safe in your future, right!?! Doubtful. When income declines in a business, personnel gets cut to the bare bone. If it’s a greater portion of the company, will it be taken over by the government, right? hmm? That worked out real well for the auto industry! NOT! Important questions should be asked or career paths quickly adjusted!

Either way you slice it, there is a storm coming to the industry as long as this Bogus POTUS continues to operate against the American peoples’ wishes. There will be a cleansing of the industry(and it won’t be healthy to employee goals) and a major job loss… Do You See It Now?



Can Anyone Read This Sign at the Gulf Shores Beach in Alabama?

I often tip into the Live Cam at the Pink Pony in Gulf Shores, Alabama and today it suddenly looks ~ especially busy:

I would love to know what this worker’s sign says!

Sure is a lot of heavy equipment, is company coming?

Lots of boats out there suddenly, what’s that all about?

What’s that in the sky?


Equipment and boats? hmm?

I did try to get in touch with the Pink Pony but their phone was wacky. I really wanted someone to stroll out there and tell me what that sign said. Hopefully someone down there will let us know!


The Transparent Banality of Obama

The Transparent Banality of Obama is astounding. Gateway Pundit addresses this news “Horrible! Obama Administration Is Pushing For Investigation of Israel”… with regard to “…pushing for an international investigation of Israel’s defense and preservation of its homeland…” What? I’d say they completed the mission and it was successful!”

Misery loves company, and as failure after failure continues, Obama lashes out at everyone and anyone. I’d say that an international investigation of Obama’s lack of defense and lack of preservation of the United States of America deserves a greater examination. Since Obama has usurped the office of the Presidency ~ we have a hole in the Gulf emitting oil that is destroying our coastal waters and sea life, we have foreign visitors (Mexico’s President & Paul McCartney) freely taking open jabs at the USA, we have terrorists killing American Soldiers at their duty stations within the United States (Fort Hood & Little Rock), we have terrorists on planes, we have numerous images of your disgraceful bowing performance from Kings to a Mayor, we have Labor Unions encouraged by you, creating hate and physically assaulting people to biting a man’s finger off, and more. Our United States of America has seen better days, but definitely none worse!

You are no President and you are not even capable of simulating one!


May I See Your ID, Driver’s License, Passport or Papers?

Everybody is up in arms about a just law in Arizona!

But let me ask you…

When anyone comes to your door that is not in uniform, what do you ask to see?
Electric Company person? ID. Cable person? ID.
This is for your safety!

What about being pulled over by anyone not in uniform, say an undercover police, FBI or Secret Service agent?
You want to see a Badge and an ID.

When you go to another country, what is asked of you?
A Passport because you’re a legal visitor!

What does anyone from any country show another country upon entry?
A Passport because they are legally entering!

Do you know why Italians coming into New York were termed a derogatory term that I will not use?
With Out Papers because they had none.

If someone would commit a crime against you in Arizona, wouldn’t you like to be able to collect damages, if you’re alive and able? What do want to know to prosecute them?

Hello America!

Did your forefathers do the right thing so that others won’t?

Devaluation of Obama Merchandise


Thrift Store Find 50 Cents

Oh does this speak volumes when the original price tag was $14.99! The puzzle is still cello wrapped and mint in the box!

A Bad Choice That Was Donated Away

Poor investment material for resale or for use……..lol………even at 50 cents!