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Revisiting 1953 As a Democrat Leaves Office and President Eisenhower Commands the Presidency

Too Early (Just a Guess, since there is Not a Validated Long Form Vaulted Birth Certificate Verification for Eligibility for Presidency) for Obama but information from 1953 that is a reflection, contrast, or even a bridge to yesteryear to today…..

Oh yeah… this is what he’s striving for?

Same look and attitude with SEIU, ACORN, and Labor Unions.

No Thanks, Don’t want it, don’t need it!

Hmm, formulation of hard feelings for his in-laws who resided here:

Interesting Race Views in the North - CHICAGO!

Explains quite a few things!

The South has always been more genteel. It’s not Democratic, nor birthing the KKK, just ask “Slick Willy” Clinton with his Loaded Cigars and Jimmy “Want a Buy a Peanut” Carter:

KKK’s 1st targets were Republicans-Dems credited with starting group that attacked both blacks, whites. hmm? Tea Party Movement consisting of all races, religions, political party affiliations attacked by hmm?

Dreams of Domination in Kenya where his father was raised and formulation of harsh feelings:

Reeks of Concentration Camps and explains a lot.

When Congress Cared and Listened:

When it was Un-American to be Red, not a component of the Liberal Progressive Democratic Socialistic US Congress.

And just for good measure, did you know that former Democratic President Truman was to be subpoenaed for appointing a spy, along with Clark and Byrnes. hmm? Check out the “White” case. Irony. Looks like 1953 history is ready to repeat. When Obama is defeated or removed from office there will be more than just three subpoenas served. NO FREE PASSES!


A Fond Farewell to Peter Graves

Peter Graves
March 18, 1926 – March 14, 2010

Peter Graves made quite an impression on me at an early age. It was not his weekly Mission Impossible stint as Mr. Phelps that educated me, but by the part he played in Stalag 17 as Price…

…As a little girl, my father would often tell me about the wounds he had suffered in WW2, some battlefield discussions, bits of concentration camp information and what it was all about. He told me why he had to be there many years before. Freedom! Freedom for us in our family, for our community and town, our state, our country and for the many countries that were perversely invaded and unable to escape the grasp that was endured.

At the tender age I was, I wasn’t quite able to fathom the depth of Germany and the evil of the Nazis that Dad was relaying. But one night, back in the old days, the Late, Late Show came on TV and I watched Stalag 17. I worried for the military men and their challenges. They were brave and steadfast through the micro-vision that this movie provided. I became a witness to pain and distrust and the emotions were scarier than watching the monster movies on Saturday afternoons. It became worse when I saw the deception introduced right in the midst of these men. A smooth, evil, and calculating Nazi in “sheep’s clothing” – Price. Peter Graves excelled in his characterization of the role. I knew back then what we were fighting for and why the United States of America, Freedom, and the U.S. Constitution are as important today, as they were when I was that small child, or when my Dad was in the war, or when this great country was established. Stalag 17 should be required viewing in school!

A Fond Farewell to you Mr. Peter Graves, you enlightened me.