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Never Forget Blanche Lincoln Sides with DC and Against Arkansas Constituents ALWAYS

Never forget:

Blanche Lincoln does not deserve a second chance, for at the first opportunity she sided with her party’s Bogus POTUS, ignored Town Halls last summer and derided constituents. Is she really the best person to send to Washington DC on the taxpayers’ dollars? A bad investment!

By the way, what’s all the panic < ———- Blanche……. via FOX16

Lincoln’s campaign takes down ‘Dollar Bill‘ site”?

Living the “Lie-Style” of your party? Duck, cover and scrub, hmm? Classy, NOT!


The Last Minutes of Democracy and National Pride – John Boehner’s Speech

We have failed to listen to America. And We have failed to reflect the will of our constituents

John Boehner called out the Liberal Progressive Democrats on the House Floor. Maybe, just maybe this finally caught the entire populace’s attention! Are you mad enough to regain our country? Treason, treachery and traitors run rampant at the highest level of government.

Patriotism is not dead, it’s just laughed at by the Liberal Progressives and Socialist in Chief! They have just slapped the faces of the American citizenry, negated our forefathers work, and spit on our U.S. Constitution.

I will never, ever accept Socialism. It has never worked, never will, and creates misery, death, and destruction.

Kucinich Bought Off By a “Big” Ride on Air Force One for Health Care Shill Vote?

Kucinich Bought Off By a “Big” Ride on Air Force One for Health Care Shill Vote? It sure didn’t sure didn’t take a whole lot to buy off a vote from this fool! Gives a whole new meaning to ‘onboard’! Proof positive that a career politician (7 terms) needs the boot!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Announces He Will Vote For Health Care Reform Bill via PNN (a bit rough)

Notice that he does not mention once listening to his constituents before his decision?

But his constituents are addressing him wildly on congress.org today:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH 10th District)

Oh How the Mighty Are Stalling – Blanche Lincoln

Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Blanche…  Blanche… Blanche… it’s all over but the crying.

Blanche Lincoln Losing by 23 Points in PPP Poll courtesy of the Weekly Standard.

It’s too late to look like you give a rat’s behind! Arkansans have been ignored long enough. You burned the entire nation on the Health Care Vote, and now you try and win fame and favor in a bi-partisan letter to Holder: “Backlash may move 9/11 terror trial from Manhattan“. Did you really think that this little ploy is going to garner you any favors? Did you think this would stall the inevitable outcome on election day 2010? Well you would be wrong on all counts! Typical!

It is so easy to look like you care about something that won’t ever concern you directly. Too bad that you have never cared about anything that was important to your constituents. Just a head’s up, Blanche, there are fewer “Big Dollar” voters than medium to low income voters in Arkansas. Your appeal is zero just like that Big Zero Hero of yours, the one, the only – Bogus POTUS!

Blanche Lincoln Puts MSM and Constituents on Ignore

Oh Blanche Lincoln what a mess you have on your hands. And what a tangled web you wove when you ignored the people of Arkansas this past summer and went all out, full steam roller ahead…

…and did the bidding of your party and “followed the leader” along party lines.

How rude as you ignore…

…and laugh off this interviewer.

Then you entered the history of infamy (With a Liberal, Progressive Democratic Move) as “Sen. Lincoln on Board as 60th Vote: Enjoyed her Senate Career“.

Just for good measure, the Media was put on ignore today. The local media where Arkansans could gather information from their elected officials was avoided. What was the harm of commenting on the miraculous achievement of Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts? Many Arkansans including myself supported his campaign. There’s no Senatorial support of constituents in Arkansas! Via Today’s THV website: …Arkansas Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor we’re unavailable Wednesday to speak with Today’s THV about the impact of this election… Geesh somethings never change. How cowardly!

Well, 2010 Arkansans will see an accessible, conservative candidate ousting Blanche Lincoln from her Senate seat, by way of election. Might be a good time to look into brushing up that resume of yours, Blanche. And just a head’s up, it’s not Bush or Cheney’s fault – You Own It, Embrace It! You could always pull a “Vic Snyder”!

Scott Brown for US Senator Has HOT Constituents, ‘Freezing for a Reason’, Jumping the Democratic Shark


New Video up on YouTube

“Scott Brown joined with fellow supporters in Southie to meet with voters in Boston. It was 28 degrees and our candidate is working hard to earn your vote, to be your voice in Washington. You can join volunteer for Scott Brown by clicking here: http://www.brownforussenate.com/

Massachusetts you are a hardy group! We salute you from all across the USA. You are Patriots!